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Day 1 - IFA International

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Hiroshi Sasaoka CEO Yuji

Hiroshi Sasaoka CEO Yuji Group News Sony: 3D and Connected TV are the Future CEO Sir Howard Stringer lists 3D products and promises ‘true internet TV’ By Michael Dumiak Sony is ready to satisfy any doubts about the prime-time readiness of 3D consumer technology: the company opened IFA by announcing a broad rollout across several product lines. The home entertainment world in 3D is what Sony CEO Sir Howard Stringer presented from the IFA stage, showing clips of golfer Phil Mickelson at the Masters, strikers scoring goals during the World Cup, and young pianist Sony recording artist Lang Lang in 3D on a Steinway. Mainstream consumer acceptance of home 3D technology will come through programming, and Sony promises that too, with the firm’s third and fourth quarters bringing both a joyful cut of World Cup highlights and a bittersweet packaging of Michael Jackson’s This is It. Sony presented a shopping list of new televisions, laptops, cinema projectors, compact SLR and digital cameras, all enabled with 3D features. Playstation 3 is coming with 3D and Blu-ray viewing ability. Sony’s 470, 570 and 770 Blu-ray players are going to get free software updates to make them 3D-compatible. Early next year will see a new 3D-enabled Sony Vaio laptop with a refresh rate of 240 frames per second. Stringer made it clear that he’s interested in more than hardware: Sony intends to make a mark in IPTV and with Internet-connected devices. “Let me remind you of a Three-dimensional content and video capabilities dominated the Sony booth as the firm outlined its near-term ventures earlier this week in Berlin. collaboration which we believe will help us revolutionise the television experience,” Stringer said. “Earlier this year we announced an important strategic alliance with Google to develop the next generation of televisions: Sony’s Internet TV, powered by Google.” The Android box will be, he says, the world’s first true internet television. “Consumers will be able to search and access all their TV channels and browse the Web for Internet and cloud-based information and applications from the comfort of their living room sofas.” 4 Colours for 3 Dimensions – Sharp’s Bid for a Bright New Screen Sharp executive says that 3D pictures need improvement, and he’s got an answer By Michael Dumiak Sharp Electronics Europe GmbH CEO, Hiroshi Sasaoka, expects a total of 10 million 3D-capable TV units to ship by 2012, based on a report by a Japanese market researcher. Sasaoka presented two new AQUOS Quattron 3D LCD TVs. These TVs comprise an improved sidemount scanning backlight, the addition of a fourth primary colour, yellow, to the traditional red, green and blue, 200-Hz LCD drive and overall brighter screens. The four-colour technique has a history – print magazines traditionally add a fourth colour to make its covers more glossy and shiny – but Sharp brought the approach to 3D display and debuted it in the Japanese market in April 2010. Mr Sasaoka told the IFA crowd in Berlin that the Quattron 3D line is set to handle screens up to 152 cm. “Whether people opt for 2D or 3D, the top trend for consumers is and remains achieving the best picture on an LCD TV,” said Mr Sasaoka. “In Quattron, we are presenting a one-of-a-kind technology, which once again is setting new standards in terms of picture quality.” Sharp is also banking on new partnerships to lend momentum to the firm’s initiatives. Mr Sasaoka stressed the firm’s partnerships in bringing video streaming and Internet services to the set. “Content is essential to 3D,” he said, referring to an upcoming collaboration with film and content production giant Warner Bros. Sharp is making partnerships off-line as well, lining up to sponsor the UEFA Euro 2012. The Osaka, Japan-based electronics manufacturer is also keen to point out that green technology begins at home. Mr Sasaoka emphasised that the new AQUOS Quattrons are built and developed at Green Front Sakai, the company’s green manufacturing park. He claims Green Front Sakai will eventually be able to make a 35% dent in the firm’s CO2 manufacturing emissions. Hiroshi Sasaoka CEO Sharp Electronics Europe GmbH SPECIAL REPORT Consumer Lifestyle Technologies ThE FourTh "DImEnSIon" How Sharp are enhancing image quality thanks to a new LCD design concept - adding a fourth colour - yellow Sharp Europe Nishiyama Vice President & Division General Manager Sales & Marketing Audio-Visual Systems September 2010 Read more about Sharp's QUATTRON technology in the SPECIALreport, `The Fourth "Dimension", published by Cleverdis. Download the SPECIALreport at or pick up a copy at the Sharp booth @ IFA! 1983 1976 1977 1978 1979 1980 1981 1982 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 FLASHBACK Already demonstrating innovation in 3D TV at IFA in 1983, this year Philips is showing off the world’s first cinema-proportion 3D LED TV, the Cinema 21:9 Platinum Series. Consumer interest is growing steadily and the content is becoming more widely available. 3D TV looks set to be the biggest innovation in recent years. Robert Smits, Business Unit Leader, Television, Philips Consumer Lifestyle IFA International • Friday, 3 rd September 2010 11

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