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Vision Meets Industry

Vision Meets Industry Session 3 BIG DATA CityCube Berlin 8 Sept. 2015 9:00-10:30 am Emotion in Motion When machines understand how we feel In a short talk at the IFA+ Summit, Dan Emodi - VP Marketing & Strategic Accounts, Beyond Verbal Communication will show the possibilities and applications of emotions analytics. We asked him to give us a little background on his presentation… Beyond Verbal technology extracting individuals’ full set of emotions & character from their raw voice in realtime, as they speak. Our goal is to endow machines with emotions understanding allowing us to better interact with machines and with each other. As the VP of Marketing and Strategic Accounts my role is to help the company establish market leadership while identifying and developing new verticals for our technology. We believe Emotions Understandings is currently the world’s most important non-existing interface. More specifically, while today’s smart machines are getting ever smarter - understanding what we type, click, touch and say, where we are and what their position in space is, they are still limited by their incapability to understand how we feel and what we mean. As-a-matter-of-fact, when it comes to emotions and wellbeing, our modern-day machines are still running blind. We are passionate creatures that beat to the rhythm of our sentiments, yet our machines are oblivious to these same emotions that power us humans and big data practically ignores this critical piece of information. But this is about to change. Enabling machines to understand our emotions is introducing a whole new dimension to big data. A big data of emotions change the way we look and analyze our world on a macro level but at the same time also change the very way we understand our own micro-selves. Dan Emodi VP Marketing & Strategic Accounts, Beyond Verbal Communication The talk will show how emotions can be extracted, analyzed and quantified on a massive scale and what insights it can drive into our ability to understand our surroundings as well as our own personal wellbeing. We believe that quantifying emotions is the next BIG thing. What are your thoughts on the IFA+ Summit? Different thinking starts with education and educations starts with awareness. An IFA Summit aimed at thinking next is thus an ideal vehicle to make the required leap forward. The Design Factory Changing thinking and learning processes to the ben efit of one and all Session 4 DESIGN CityCube Berlin 8 Sept. 2015 10:55-12:25 am Prof. Kalevi Ekman Director and Founder, Aalto Design Factory Why does design matter more than ever? In the Design session of the IFA+ Summit, Prof. Kalevi Ekman Director and Founder, Aalto Design Factory will look at the latest trends in product and industrial design. We asked Prof. Ekman to tell us more about his daily work. Aalto University is a merger of three old universities, covering the fields of technology, design and business. The Design Factory is an experimental platform for boosting interdisciplinary activities in learning, research and application. I’m the captain of the factory. The industry must do things differently. The population and domestic market is small, general cost level is high, there are quite few internationally known brands, and there are very limited material natural and capital resources. What will you be talking about at the summit? The presentation will show how students of design, engineering and business are learning together in projects with industry. The products and their immaterial elements have become increasingly complex. It is harder than ever to design and implement simple, sound and elegant solutions that are guaranteed to Next level of thinking means cumulative, organisational learning that turns to action function and enable the user to gain maximum value. To release the potential of highly educated experts of various fields, the designers can act as “glue” in the organisation. Designers typically learn skills of user-centric design, visual communication, aesthetics, model making and early testing of ideas. But they should also learn how to use these skills with engineers and business experts. This learning process is beneficial for all parties involved. The catchphrase of the summit is “Next Level of Thinking”. What does this mean to you? Next level of thinking means cumulative, organisational learning that turns to action. There is so much wasted potential. The summit is most welcome to provoke discussion. 20

Vision Meets Industry Session 5 HOME CityCube Berlin 8 Sept. 2015 1:45-3:15 pm The Future of the Smart Home Netatmo CEO “takes the temperature” of the market at IFA+ Summit Created in 2011, Netatmo is an innovative company developing consumer electronics for a “better and connected lifestyle”. Company founder and CEO Fred Potter is thus no stranger to the idea of the “connected home”. But where is it all headed? He will be addressing the issue in his presentation at the IFA+ Summit. We asked him to tell us a little more. 12 years ago, the first Voice over IP line was launched in France. It revolutionised the Internet access and today, there are more than 26 million VoIP subscribers. I believe the next sector that software will transform is the Smart Home. Now the majority of the population has Smartphones and access to Wi-Fi networks, the predictions are that IoT will be even bigger than mobile. The first consumer segment where IoT is booming is Smart Home. The challenge is to differentiate oneself with unique key features that the competitors don’t propose and that improve the life of our users. What products have you already launched to date? We’ve launched 3 products: the Weather Station for Smartphone, that monitors the indoor and outdoor environment, the Thermostat for Smartphone, that allows users to control their heating remotely and Welcome, the first smarthome camera with face recognition technology. The “catch phrase” of the summit is “next level of thinking”. How important is it for people to project onto a different place in this respect and look at things in a different way? It’s by considering things differently that people come up with impactful innovations. In a market like smart home, that’s growing and has a huge potential. By thinking differently, you can make a difference and conceive products or ideas that will change the landscape. It’s not about doing something no-one has never done, but more about bringing innovations that will mark a general stepping up of the market. What are your thoughts on the fact that IFA has Fred Potter Founder & CEO, Netatmo created this industry summit? IFA is the European and international rendezvous for people and companies of the industry. This summit is a great opportunity for companies of all size to have visibility and to give their opinion on key topics. Don’t Stock It – Stream It Deezer boss addresses IFA+ Summit on how changing use patters and business models Session 6 ENTERTAINMENT CityCube Berlin 8 Sept. 2015 3:30-4:50 pm Michael Krause Managing Director GSA, Deezer With the onset of streaming music services, business models are evolving and user patters are also changing. At the IFA+ Summit, Michael Krause Managing Director GSA, Deezer will address these and other challenges in the industry today – and in the future. Mr Krause explained to us that Deezer has experienced phenomenal growth in the past years… Founded in 2007, Deezer was the first truly global on-demand audio provider, offering a digital music streaming service in more than 180 countries, with 16 million monthly active users and 6 million paid subscribers worldwide. Deezer is at the forefront of a streaming revolution, allowing fans instant access to the largest music & audio catalogue in the world, with more than 35 million songs, radio channels, podcasts and audiobooks on any device. As Managing Director GSA I am in charge of operations for the German-speaking markets, including editorial management, local rights acquisition, ad-sales, partner management and B2C marketing. What do you see as being the biggest challenges in your industry today? The biggest challenge for the industry is to spread the message that music streaming services offer the best possible music experience and let streaming become mainstreaming in all markets. Please tell us more about your presentation at the IFA+ Summit. Music streaming is a huge chance for the whole music industry to get back on track. Labels and artists alike are able to provide new creative concepts and additional offers to their customers. Deezer offers new payment models where especially newcomers can start their own music business from scratch. New bundling possibilities with hardware manufacturers and multimedia devices offer new revenue streams, engagement tools and added value for the OEMs. For the whole music industry a new success story is about to start. The “catch phrase” of the summit is “next level of thinking”. How important is it for people to project onto a different plane in this respect and look at things in a different way? Technology and consumer behaviour are ever changing at rapid speeds – and Deezer has profited from this development. So finding new perspectives in order to understand people and their needs is always useful. Connecting with some of the most important thinkers and executives in design, entertainment and big data at IFA+ Summit seems a great opportunity for Deezer. I’m looking forward to discussing future trends and ideas with them. IFA International • Monday 31 st August 2015 21

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