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[by euphemism, that is

[by euphemism, that is an attenuated way to designate a strong reality]. The first blessing that the (Elohìm) has given to the man (Adàm) was life, and second was the ability to sexually reproduce in order to populate the earth. It is no coincidence then that their sexuality is tied to the original concept of blessing: indeed, most probably, it has been its first manifest and concrete realization. 126

8 (neviím) Prophets And The Alien Machines In our path, characterized by the analysis of the literal meaning of some Old Testament passages, we have read chapters and verses being guided by the open-mindedness that is necessary to accept what appears as absurd: UFOs in the Bible? “Impossible, pure fantasy, inventions without basis”...these are the comments of the supporters of the religious doctrine, who cannot accept the truths that call their beliefs into question. Yet things could be different from how they have been traditionally acknowledged. In the previous chapters we analyzed the figure of “god” - or, rather, “gods” as it is presented in the sacred texts; we have focused on the description of angels and the way they act, and we have assessed the concreteness of concepts such as “blessing” as well as the “glory of God”. Now we are about to do a further, 127

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