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spoke with Moses Thus

spoke with Moses Thus the pillar of cloud made a descent and always took the same specific position. That this was not a strange sort of vision or imaginative representation, made up in order to impress, is clear as day. It was, in fact, a real description, consistent with the rest of the story, in which all narrative characteristics are aimed at describing in detail what was happening, without neglecting any details. In the next verse it is said And all the people saw the column of cloud at the opening of the tent. At this sight the people would stand up and then prostrate, each one close by his own tent. Clearly, at this conference place outside the tent, something reserved only for Moses happened. The others could watch only from a distance, without approaching. On these occasions, Moses spoke to the Elohìm who had descended in the tent. It was an utterly conventional, normal interview - the narrator clarifies – and indeed the two communicated (Exodus 33:11): 94

face to face as a man talks (would talk) to his neighbor Then, there is the concrete wording that this Elohìm used to move with “something” that by day was as shrouded in the steam and at night was visible from the fire it produced. Once on the ground, the Elohim had regular colloquial meetings with Moses. But what was this “something” that was used to move? The kevòd The story of the meetings and talks between Moses and the Elohìm continues by expressing Moses' doubts: This “god” gave Moses neither sufficient guarantees nor certainties. Then Moses actually asks him to lead the people on the way to the Promised Land and stresses that everyone needs to see very clearly that the Elohìm is with them, otherwise there is no distinction between these people and any others. The “divine” presence must be clearly visible. The Elohìm understands the situation, agrees and promises that he will do what Moses demands. Despite this promise, Moses then asks to see and touch the kevòd. So he asks him (Exodus 33:18): 95

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