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Four chariots coming out

Four chariots coming out from in-between two mountains and the mountains were mountain of bronze The prophet tells us about four chariots coming out from in between two mountains (towers, silos, ramps?) undoubtedly made of metal. Each chariot was driven by “horses” of various colors and the malàkh explains that these are the four “winds of the sky that are generated by standing before [being in the presence of] the Lord of the whole Earth“ (Zech 6:5). They move in direction of all four cardinal points: the malàkh who is speaking with the prophet orders (Zech 6:7) that they cover the whole earth (the country) as to making a sort of reconnaissance. Curiously, the same verse describes the four objects as “reddish”: the definition could refer to either the metallic sheen or perhaps the propulsion system? Obviously, we have no certainty, but the reference to the color was undoubtedly significant. Third (and last!) Brief Concluding Consideration This is the literal translation of Zachariah's visions that describes the flying 154

objects of various kinds: a cylinder of 30 feet long and 15 feet wide an object containing a woman, two flying women moving toward the land of Sumer and four chariots emerging from in between two high vertical metal elements. There is no need to add further comment but we do wonder if this does not match significantly to Sumerians' stories that describe the Anunnakis moving throughout the sky on their flying machines like those that, on the eve of the Flood that disrupts the Earth, meet at the landing field, get on their celestial boats and remain safe while watching the entire event...). Are the flying machines used to escape the disaster the same as those we analyzed here seen by the prophets? We can not say so for sure, but we can neither pretend not to know; we can not dismiss the legitimate questions that our curiosity asks compellingly; we can not erase such concreteness, by relegating it to the unknown world of visions or dreams. We can not ignore with a pen stroke, or dogmatic pedantry, what these authors meant to fix in the memory through the written word. We can not forget that the aforementioned Rashi of Troyes used to say that the words of the Old Testament may be interpreted with seventy different meanings, but there is one that surely “must have”: the literal one. And here the literal meaning is of an amazing clarity... A clarity which curiously recalls what would happen in the case of trips made in accordance with the theories of physicists WJ Von Stockum, Frank Tipler and Alan Wolf, which can be summarized as follows: A cylinder (the meghillàh) creates a powerful space-time warp used by other flying objects (merkavòts) in order to travel long trajectories. Quite an attractive match. 155

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