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walked; Individuals who

walked; Individuals who used intermediaries to manage their power and communicated with humanity through filters, such as the “angels”, in order to prevents direct contact; Individuals who had created man using genetic engineering techniques, just as we do today, but only after having regained the ancient wisdom with great effort and a very long time. In summary, these were individuals from other worlds, that the writers of the Bible knew very well, as the Catholic Church also confirms. Concluding Thoughts (And one last question...) Meanwhile writing this book, the western world is living a particular historical moment when mankind is discussing over bioethics and the Roman Church is very close to the truth. When they affirm that “by using DNA manipulation man wants to be like God”, they are probably correct. Man is actually trying to imitate those who have “created” him! The repeated attempts to “create” is part of a process in which we are gradually acquiring the same full knowledge as those who have created us “with their own image and resemblance” (with the initial aim of exploiting us as their laborers, to serve and honor them, and finally to manage the planet they have entrusted us). Once the direct contact was lost, either because those “gods” disappeared, mixed into the society with their creatures or more simply, just returned home; man felt orphaned by the Father and tried to elaborate his figure in spiritual terms. Since man was not able to reproduce him materially, the basis of that knowledge is now lost forever. The “religious” man has kept on trying to recreate the figure of God selfattributing a very special position, a status of superiority compared to the other 184

living species. He feels a God's child, while most probably he is simply the result of genetic engineering, which has enriched his DNA and allowed him to reach the peak of the Primates' lineage, one of the branches of life in its constant evolution. This evolution always produces the highest result possible, in relation to the environment in which it develops. In his Preliminary notes for a universal assessment on the contents of the human Mind, 36 Prof. A. Bertirotti (Professor of Cultural and Mind Anthropology, at the University of Florence) writes that while it is true that humanity is currently the highest expression of one of the many evolutionary lines, the idea that man is superior to other life systems is not only actually wrong but can induce attitudes that may be, just as it is currently happening in the universal history, absolutely negative. he continues by stating that the originality of the human species must be sought elsewhere. Accordingly, we believe that the real great and original, ability of man is the skeptomai (namely, the “inquiring”); constantly striving for Yahweh: heyéh, ashèr, heyéh (“I am what I am, I will be who I will be”). This inquiring shows a tendency towards this idea of deity; whoever it was, is, or will be in a possible future revelation. Let us ask one last “shocking” question: When we talk of the “return of God”, does it mean we have to wait for a return of our creators? It is a fascinating possibility... and what if they are already here, in our present? While the Sacred Books tell us of their past: in hindsight, who knows, they could be fully immersed in our present history (a history we have tried to reconstruct in Appendix 1). You, free-thinker, have arrived at the end of this book, and have demonstrated yourself to be open-minded and yet firmly anchored to the ground. Enjoy the rest of the reading and your search along the Free Path of Knowledge! Your soul will certainly find its way. 36 See the website: 185

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