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7 • ARENA VISUAL DESIGNER Pie control Plot control • Portable network graphics (.png) • Icon graphics file format (.ico) • Extended (Enhanced) Windows Metafile Format (.emf) • Windows metafile (.wmf) The Pie control is used to display a series of model variables and expressions in a pie chart. The Plot control is used to monitor and plot one or more model variable(s) or expression(s). The independent (X-axis) variable plotted is simulated time. Scoreboard control The Scoreboard control is used to display model variables and expressions similar to a spreadsheet. The number of horizontal and vertical cells is limited to 500. Cell contents can display descriptive text or the current value of a model variable or expression. To display the value of a model variable or expression, the contents of the cell must be preceded by an equal (=) sign; (for example, =TNOW). Text Box control The Text Box control is used to present narrative text on the dashboard. This feature does not allow the display of a model variable or expression. To do so, use the Scoreboard control. To add text to the control, open the Text Editor window by double-clicking inside the container, clicking on the ellipsis in the Text property, or right-clicking in the container and selecting “Text Editor.” The window has the label “Text Editor” and contains buttons to help you edit the text. SCENE CONTROLS When the Scene is the active editor, three categories of Toolbox tools are displayed: Animation Objects, Static Objects, and Transfer Animation Objects. 129

GETTING STARTED WITH ARENA The Animation Objects and Transfer Animation Objects tools can be used to place objects in the 3D scene. This method places generic instances of an animated object, meaning that the associated Arena element or expression must be defined by the user. This is the only method to place a global variable in the 3D scene or to place any path. See “Animation Objects” on page 147 and “Transfer Animation Objects” on page 149 for more details. The Static Objects tools are used to place static 2D and 3D objects into the scene. To place a static object, simply drag the generic icon from the Toolbox into the scene. After placing the object, the “File Name” fields need to be defined. See “Static Objects” on page 149 for more details. 130

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