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4 • THE ADVANCED PROCESS PANEL Prompt Attribute Name Expression Quantity Release Rule Set Index Description Name of the attribute that specifies the resource name to be released. Name of the expression that specifies the name of the resource to be released. Number of resources of a given name or from a given set that will be released. For sets, this value specifies only the number of a selected resource that will be released (based on the resource’s capacity), not the number of members to be released within the set. Method of determining which resource within a set to release. Last Member Seized and First Member Seized will release the last/first member from within the set that was seized. Specific member indicates that a member number or attribute (with a member number value) will be used to specify the member to release. Member index of the resource set that the entity will release. Remove module DESCRIPTION The Remove module removes a single entity from a specified position in a queue and sends it to a designated module. When an entity arrives at a Remove module, it removes the entity from the specified queue and sends it to the connected module. The rank of the entity signifies the location of the entity within the queue. The entity that caused the removal proceeds to the next module specified and is processed before the removed entity. TYPICAL USES • Removing an order from a queue that is due to be completed next • Calling a patient from a waiting room for an examination • Retrieving the next order to be processed from a pile of documents 61

GETTING STARTED WITH ARENA PROMPTS Prompt Name Queue Name Rank of Entity Description Unique module identifier displayed on the module shape. Name of the queue from which the entity will be removed. Rank of the entity to remove from within the queue. Seize module DESCRIPTION The Seize module allocates units of one or more resources to an entity. The Seize module may be used to seize units of a particular resource, a member of a resource set, or a resource as defined by an alternative method, such as an attribute or expression. When an entity enters this module, it waits in a queue (if specified) until all specified resources are available simultaneously. Allocation type for resource usage is also specified. TYPICAL USES • Beginning a customer order (seize the operator) • Starting a tax return (seize the accountant) • Being admitted to hospital (seize the hospital room, nurse, doctor) PROMPTS Prompt Name Allocation Priority Type Description Unique module identifier displayed on the module shape. Determines to which category the resource usage cost will be allocated for an entity going through the Seize module. Priority value of the entity waiting at this module for the resource(s) specified if one or more entities from other modules are waiting for the same resource(s). Type of resource for seizing, either specifying a particular resource, or selecting from a pool of resources (that is, a resource set). The name of the resource may also be specified as an attribute value or within an expression. 62

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