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4 • THE ADVANCED PROCESS PANEL Prompt Recordset Expression Values Expression Value Description Name of the recordset in the specified file from which to read values. This field is available only if you specify a File Name with a file access type, path, and recordset. Arena uses the Rows and Columns properties to determine the amount of data to read from the recordset. A recordset is required for all file types except .xml. The recordset size must be equal to or greater than the number of rows and columns specified for the expression. Lists the value or values of the expression. This property is not available if you specify a File Name from which to read expression values. Expression value associated with the expression name. Failure module DESCRIPTION The Failure module is designed for use with resources. When a failure occurs, the entire resource (regardless of its capacity) is failed. Failures are designed to be used with single-capacity resources or with multiple-capacity resources whose individual resource units all fail at the same time. TYPICAL USES • Breakdown information for a machine • Cash register tape refill every “x” customers • Random computer shutdowns or restarts PROMPTS Prompt Name Type Count Up Time Description The name of the failure associated with one or more resources. Determines if the failure is time-based or count-based. Defines the number of resource releases for count-based failures. Valid when the Type is Count. Defines the time between failures for time-based failures. Valid when the Type is Time. 71

GETTING STARTED WITH ARENA Prompt Up Time Units Down Time Down Time Units Uptime in this State only Description Time units for the time between failures (Up Time) for timebased failures. Defines the duration of the failure. Time units for the duration of the failure (Down Time). Defines the state that should be considered for the time between failures (only for time-based failures). If state is not specified, then all states are considered (that is, the time between failures does not depend on the time spent in a specific state, but rather on the total simulation time). For example, you might want to define a failure to be based only on the state Busy, and therefore, the time between downtimes would be based on the amount of time that a resource is busy, not simulated clock time. File module DESCRIPTION Use the File module to access external files for the ReadWrite module, Variable module, and Expression module. The File module identifies the system file name and defines the access type and operational characteristics of the file. TYPICAL USES • File containing predefined airline flight data • File specifying customer order times and relevant information • File to write user model configuration data from menu input PROMPTS Prompt Name Access Type Operating System File Name Description The name of the file whose characteristics are being defined. This name must be unique. The file type. Name of the actual file that is being read from or to which it is being written. 72

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