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2 • GETTING STARTED 5. In the Resource Name field of the Resource dialog box, type Transportation Security Officer. 6. Click OK to close the Resource dialog box. 7. Define the process delay parameters in the Minimum, Value (Most Likely), and Maximum fields as .75, 1.5, and 3. (Note that the default delay type is triangular and the default time units are in minutes.) 8. Click OK to close the dialog box. For now, we’ll leave the default values for the other Process module properties. Feel free to explore their purposes through online help or the Basic Concepts and Resources models in the Smarts library. When you use a 2-way Decide module, the entity that enters the module leaves via one of the two exit points. If you want to make copies of an entity to model parallel processes, use a Separate module. Pass Security? (Decide module) After each passenger’s identification has been reviewed, we determine whether to pass or fail the passenger through security. In Arena, whenever an entity selects among branches in the process logic, taking just one of the alternatives, a Decide module is used. For the airport security review process, we’ll use a simple probability to determine the outcome of the decision, with 93% of passenger reviews accepted as passed. 1. Double-click the Decide module to open its property dialog box. 2. In the Name field, type Pass Security?. 17

GETTING STARTED WITH ARENA 3. For the Percent True field, type 93 to define the percentage of entities that will be treated with a “True” decision (that is, will depart through the exit point at the right of the Decide module). 4. Click OK to close the dialog box. Cleared, Denied (Dispose module) In our simple process for reviewing passengers’ identifications at airport security, all the work that we’re interested in is done. Now, we’ll remove the passengers from the model, terminating the process with a Dispose module. Because there are two possible outcomes of the security passenger identification process—passengers can be cleared or denied—we’re using two Dispose modules that will count the number of applications under each outcome. 1. Double-click the first Dispose module (connected to the True condition branch of the Decide module) to open its property dialog box, and in the Name field, type Cleared. 2. Click OK to close the dialog box. 3. Double-click the other Dispose module to open its property dialog box. In the Name field, type Denied. 18

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