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Getting Started


7 • ARENA VISUAL DESIGNER 4. From the Toolbox, drag the Plot control into the container that states “Drop Toolbox Control here.” Once a control is placed, the properties associated with it can be edited in the Properties window. 5. In the Properties window, click on the Data properties right column, then select the ellipsis (...). This will be the first field listed in the Properties window. The Data-Series Editor dialog box will open. 6. Highlight Series1 from the Members list. Select the right column of the Expression property, then initiate the Expression Builder by selecting the ellipsis. Use the tree view to build the expression for the current number in queue for the Check for Proper Identification.Queue, or enter the expression NQ(Check for Proper Identification.Queue) directly. Update the Name field to read Number Waiting. Your Data - Series Editor should look like the example below. 7. Highlight Series2 from the Members list. Select the Remove button. 8. Select OK to confirm updates and to close out of the Data - Series Editor. 9. Add a title to your chart by updating the Title field in the Properties window to Number of People Waiting in Line for Security. 10. Change the Background Color field to something other than white for a more vibrant graph. 11. Adjust other properties, such as your x and y axis titles until you are satisfied with the appearance of your graph. Below is an example of the finished plot. You can also view and run this completed example from the Arena Examples folder (Airport Security Example with Visual Designer.doe/.a23). Select the Dashboard tab or double-click the Dashboard in the Project Explorer to navigate to this plot example. 133

GETTING STARTED WITH ARENA To run a dashboard, save the project and select Go from the Visual Designer Run menu or select the Go icon ( ) from the toolbar. To activate the animation of the dashboards, you must start the model run from within Visual Designer. Once the model run is complete, or you select Stop from the Run menu, you may resume editing the dashboard. Remember, as with all applications, it is wise to save your work frequently. Now that you have a basic understanding of the dashboard environment and how to navigate, let’s now look at some of the components of the Dashboard window. Editing dashboards Start Arena, open the desired model and then start Visual Designer. A Visual Designer project will open that will be associated with the model. When editing an existing dashboard, it is recommended that the model file associated with the dashboard be opened first. Doing so makes it easier to reference the model when updating expressions and information that is directly tied to the model data. If multiple dashboards exist, use the Project Explorer to navigate among the dashboards or select the tabs associated with the different dashboard nodes. 134

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