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IG Machinery & Equipment / Rigid Spacer Processing GMS Profile Bending Machine The profile bending machine is a compact, portable machine equipped with nylon pulleys assembled on ball bearings, and controlled via a hand wheel, for the manual bending of aluminium spacers for insulating glass production. The profile bending machine can be incorporated into an insulated glass production line for the manufacture of units with rigid spacer frames. Colour: Available in a wide range of colours HJ-ASBM-2008-I HJ-ASBM-2008-I is an automatic aluminium spacer bending machine which cuts the spacer frame after bending, automatically avoiding all of the connectors between spacers. The machine is controlled via a PLC control system with a touch-screen interface allowing for easy parameter setting and shape selection. Specifications Dimensions (l x w x h) 10 000mm x 2200mm x 2600mm Workable spacer width 5.5-20mm Minimum size 250mm x 250mm Maximum size 2000mm x 2000mm Spacer frame error ±0.3mm/m Angle error ±0.3° Feeding speed 0-90m/min. Air pressure 0.6MPa Power 3P 380V/1P+N 220V, 50Hz, 4kW 116 Product Catalogue For Glass Processors & IG Manufacturers

IG Machinery & Equipment / Rigid Spacer Processing GMS DF700 The GMS DF700 is a pneumatically-operated machine for the desiccant filling of straight aluminium profiles with minimal wastage. The machine is able to fill up to 30 spacers of different sizes (max. 30 pieces of 12mm each) simultaneously and is equipped with a tilting function and pneumatic vibration to aid in desiccant loading. Specifications Dimensions (l x w x h) Total weight Tank capacity Air pressure Air consumption 2400mm x 350mm x 1700mm 80kg 30kg Max. 6 bar 15l/min. HJ-DAFM-2008-II The HJ-DAFM-2008-II is an automatic machine for the desiccant filling of both bent aluminium frames and cornerconnected frames, via drilled holes. The filling height is adjustable according to the frame size and the machine stops once the frame is full, automatically filling the holes with butyl. Specifications Dimensions (l x w x h) Workable spacer width Minimum size Maximum size Filling speed 1680mm x 1080mm x 3050mm 5.5-20mm 300mm x 300mm 2000mm x 2000mm 3 seconds (1000mm x 1000mm x 9mm) Email: | Web: 117