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Software Solutions / Intelligent Software Solutions Softsolution VirtualDigitizing VirtualDigitizing is a software application which provides digitisation solutions for templates, 2D objects or drawings which can be used in any industry without the need for a digitisation table. By means of a calibrated digital camera, a reference measure and the innovative software, you can convert any template, pattern or object into a DXF file within a very short space of time. Usage The template to be digitised is photographed, including four reference points which form the basis for the exact calculation of the template. The digital image can then be opened in the software with a single click. Maximum ease of use means that the template edges can be defined manually or automatically beforehand, as can optional drill holes and cutout sections. The software generates a high-precision, accurate DXF file that can be forwarded on to all types of cutting equipment and to production. Features • No need for large and expensive digitising tables, which also need to be maintained • Fast and flexible digitisation solution for templates and 2D objects within minutes • Independency on template size - from a few millimetres to several metres • Spline optimisation and fully-automated tangential smoothing • Seamless documentation and IT-based archiving of templates • Direct transition of data to CNC controlled machinery 206 Product Catalogue For Glass Processors & IG Manufacturers

Test Equipment & Instruments Test Equipment & Instruments FG Trading offers a range of high quality test equipment and instruments which are invaluable for production quality control purposes. Our range includes various measuring tools and detectors for analysing heat-treated, coated or insulated glass as well as devices for testing the gas desorption of desiccants, concentration of gas within an insulated glass unit, desiccant moisture content, shore hardness, temperature, humidity and the pH or purity of water. Email: | Web: 207