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Glass Grinding Tools / Milling & Drilling Tools GTS Milling Bits GTS milling bits are high-performance cutting tools for grinding of internal slots and notches in glass, with a quality finish. The tools are available in a range of diameters up to 20mm, for use in milling machines and machining centres. Code Description Diameter Height BTS/MB/75x18 Milling Bit 18mm 75mm MM/10200216 Milling Bit 10mm 75mm MM/10200217 Milling Bit 20mm 75mm GTS Milling & Edging Bits GTS milling and edging bits are combination tools for the cutting and grinding of notches and internal slots, with excellent edge quality. They are available in various sizes to suit glass thicknesses up to 15mm. The tools are suitable for use in vertical milling machines or CNC machining centres such as the Neptun QuickMill. Code Description Glass Thickness Height GTS/MEB/75x10T Milling & Edging Bit 10mm 75mm GTS/MEB/75x12T Milling & Edging Bit 12mm 75mm GTS/MEB/75x15T Milling & Edging Bit 15mm 75mm GTS/MEB/75x8T Milling & Edging Bit 8mm 75mm GTS/XY-E5A/4MM Milling/Edging Tool 4mm GTS/XY-E5A/5MM Milling/Edging Tool 5mm GTS/XY-E5A/6MM Milling/Edging Tool 6mm GTS/XY-E5A/8MM Milling/Edging Tool 8mm NEP/40130007 Milling & Edging Bit 8mm NEP/40130030 Milling & Edging Bit 10mm NEP/40130228 Milling & Edging Bit 6mm 082 Product Catalogue For Glass Processors & IG Manufacturers

Glass Grinding Tools / Abrasive Belts GTS Diamond/Coated Abrasive Belts Abrasive belts are an alternative to using a grinding wheel for glass grinding. It is wet grinding using water, hence the machine is called a Wet Belt Sander (WBS). There are wide range of grits available for various roughing and finishing applications. The premium synthetic backing will not shred, stretch, curl or crack and comes with a strong single joint. Quality fast-cutting silicone carbide grain is electrostatically applied to ensure smooth and even grinding. Features • Synthetic backing, friable grains • Consistent, uniform grinding • High tear resistance in wet grinding Email: | Web: 083