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Glass Handling Equipment

Glass Handling Equipment / Loading & Transportation Equipment GMS GG Series The GMS GG Series consists of mechanical glass grabs that can be applied to a sheet lifting device. The glass grabs are available in three versions: GG 3/12, GG 3/16 and GG 3/25 all of which have a minimum clamping thickness of 3mm and a maximum of 12mm, 16mm and 25mm respectively. The GG 3/12 and GG 3/16 can lift glass sheets with a weight of up to 500kg while the GG 3/25 has a maximum capacity of 1000kg. GMS UD30 The GMS UD30 is an unloading device for the handling of glass packs or glass sheets with a maximum weight of 3000kg. The device is provided with lower supports and side and upper brackets. All of the brackets and supports are easily adjustable. A-Frame Glass Rack A double-sided, transport and trolley rack for the safe transport and storage of windows, flat glass or insulating glass units. The rack is equipped with vertical compounded supporting elements for maximum strength and stability and features a removable trolley base for installation in truck beds. FGT Webbing Webbing can be used to create tie downs for securing large, heavy or awkward loads during transportation as it has a high break strength. The webbing can be used for tying down loads on a truck as well as securing flat glass, windows or insulating glass units to a glass rack. 152 Product Catalogue For Glass Processors & IG Manufacturers

Glass Handling Equipment / Loading & Transportation Equipment GMS CA400 With its standard platform, the GMS CA400 is a portable, multi-purpose loading and lifting device which can be used for the installation of awnings, air conditioners, garage doors etc. Alternatively, the lifter can be equipped with a glass cradle for the manipulation and installation of glass panels. Optional Equipment: Glass cradle Features • Strong, compact, telescopic mast made of robust, heat-treated aluminium • Compact design allows one person to easily carry the equipment between sites • Adjustable telescopic legs for use on uneven ground and adjacent to walls • Equipped with swivel/lock castor wheels allowing easy movement • No tools required for equipment setup; legs can folded out in seconds • Remote control variable speed switch with long cable and belt clip • Manual control with safety interlock switch for locations with no power Specifications Storage dimensions (l x w) Operating dimensions (l x w) Basic height Lifting height Max. capacity with platform Max. capacity with cradle Voltage Current 550mm x 650mm 1010mm x 970mm 960mm 3960mm 150kg 60-120kg 110V or 220V 110V-8A 220V-4A Email: | Web: 153