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Glazing Hand Tools / Spacer Application Tools Heavy-Duty Cutting Shears The precision-ground, heavy-duty cutting shears are 8” (205mm) shears with a wire cutting notch. These multi-purpose shears have a cutting length of 50mm and are suitable for the shearing of wood sticks, dowel rods, cardboard, rope, cord and many other materials including Duraseal®. The shears feature ergonomic handles that are adjustable to fit any hand comfortably and are suitable for both left-handed and right-handed users. GTS Hot Air Gun The GTS Hot Air Gun is an electrically-operated hand tool that blows hot air which is used to heat the sealant at the corner area of insulated glass units manufactured with the Duraseal® flexible spacer system. The corner sealing procedure requires the sealant to be warm - units that are allowed to cool must have the corner area re-heated. A temperature of 46°C ± 6°C is recommended. GTS Corner Sealing Tool The GTS Corner Sealing Tool is a teflon sealing stick used to seal the final corner on IG units manufactured with Duraseal® flexible spacer system. It is the complete full-width joining of the two top coat layers that makes the seal effective. Tools are available in various sizes depending on the width of the airspace. Sizes: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm 140 Product Catalogue For Glass Processors & IG Manufacturers

Glazing Hand Tools / Sealant Application Guns GTS 310ml Manual Skeleton Gun The 310ml Manual Skeleton Gun is a metal skeleton sealant applicator gun with zinc alloy handle. The gun is designed for use with sealants dispensed in 310ml cartridges. Dripless application function. It has a hex rod and C-shaped ladder hook. GTS 380ml Manual Skeleton Gun The 380ml Manual Skeleton Gun is high-quality, professional metal skeleton sealant applicator gun. The gun is designed for use with sealants dispensed in 380ml cartridges. It has a C-shaped ladder hook. GTS 490ml Manual Sealant Gun The 490ml Manual Sealant Gun is a high quality, professional metal skeleton sealant applicator gun. Designed specifically for use with two component silicone sealants dispensed in side by side cartridges such as Kodiglaze S. GTS 310ml Manual Sealant Gun The 310ml Manual Sealant Gun is a professional sealant applicator gun with a high-tech handle. The gun is designed specifically for use with high viscosity sealants dispensed in 310ml cartridges. Email: | Web: 141