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Glazing Hand Tools / Cutting & Breaking Tools Diamantor Steel Wheel Glass Cutter The Diamantor® steel wheel glass cutter is equipped with a precision-ground steel cutting wheel set into a steel head with a comfortably contoured wooden handle. The cutter is best suited for general purpose cutting and is a long time favourite of professional glaziers. Diamantor Carbide Wheel Glass Cutter The Diamantor® carbide wheel glass cutter is an allmetal, ball end glass cutter with a special wear-resistant carbide metal cutting wheel. The high-quality cutter is suited for various applications and characterised by excellent cutting results and a long service life. Glass Speed Cutter The glass speed cutter is a manual glass cutting tool with an integrated supply of cutting fluid. A proper cut requires cutting fluid - to open the cut more easily and to lubricate the wheel and axle. The quality cutting head and wheel with integrated reservoir ensures quick and easy cutting of large panes of glass. Glass Circle Cutter The circle cutter is a manual glass cutting tool with ballbearing cutting head and trailing carbide wheel. Cutting circles requires high standards of cutting quality - for all glass thicknesses. The circle cutter requires less cutting pressure with a longer service life and ensures improved break quality even for small radii. 136 Product Catalogue For Glass Processors & IG Manufacturers

Glazing Hand Tools / Cutting & Breaking Tools Glass Cutting Straight Edges Manual glass cutting accuracy is largely facilitated by straight edges. The straight edges are manufactured on high precision CNC machines to the highest possible tolerances and are constructed from high quality synthetic materials. The straight edges feature integrated suction cups. Glass Breaking Pliers The glass breaking pliers are equipped with high-quality black plastic-coated handles and a ground head. The tool is designed for a variety of applications and is capable of breaking glass up to 10mm thick. The glass is broken by bending the pane in a controlled manner after scoring - only when using a suitable tool, such as these pliers, is it guaranteed that the glass breaks precisely where desired. Cordless Glass Saw The cordless glass saw is equipped with a diamond saw blade ø 85mm which provides smooth, fast and powerful cutting of glass. The extremely lightweight and compact device is engineered for ease-of-use, manoeuvrability and improved comfort. The saw is powered by rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries and is particularly suitable for long, clean cuts, even with laminated safety glass and thick glass. Email: | Web: 137