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Glass Handling Equipment

Glass Handling Equipment / Loading & Transportation Equipment GMS MC500 The GMS MC500 is a versatile, floor crane with the ability to handle loads up to 500kg. It is a compact and reliable unit that can be used in conjunction with our extensive range of GMS suction lifters. It is ideal for lifting single glass and double glazed units as well as preglazed windows and unitised curtain wall panels. It is specifically designed to work onsite between floors or on rooftops and due to the removeable counterweights can be easily transferred from floor to floor. Features • Compact and mobile • Battery-operated (onboard battery charger) • IP65 rated control panel, remote control, cabled unit • Facility to back prop providing additional safety • Lockable rear wheels • Fitted with stabilisers Specifications Dimensions (l x w x h) 2100mm x 800mm x 1700mm Weight (excluding counterweights) 160kg No. of counterweights 7 Remote control 2.5m cable Cable length 30lm Battery 105 amp Charging current 220V Max. lifting capacity 500kg 156 Product Catalogue For Glass Processors & IG Manufacturers

Glass Handling Equipment / Loading & Transportation Equipment GMS MSR400 The GMS MSR400 is a motorised glass lifter equipped with a hydraulic arm and suction frame with six suction cups with a maximum lifting capacity of 400kg. The arm can be manually rotated by 270° and hydraulically tilted by 130°. The device is designed for the handling and transportation of glass sheets, glazed windows, skylights, unitised curtain walling and other materials. Specifications Dimensions (l x w x h) Suction frame dimensions Weight (excluding counterweights) Movements Max. working period Max. lifting height Max. arm extension Max. lifting capacity 2415mm x 1500mm x 1570mm 2100mm x 800mm 530kg Manual rotation and hydraulic tilting ± 20 hours 3500mm 650mm 400kg Email: | Web: 157