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Double Glazing

Double Glazing Components / Insulated Glass Spacers Accessories Steel straight connector Molecular stop steel straight connector “T” nylon straight connector “U” nylon straight connector Molecular stop nylon straight connector Steel corner key Folding steel corner key Polypropylene corner key Folding polypropylene corner key Polyamide corner key Drilled polypropylene corner key Working plug Drilled polyamide corner key for gas filling + plug Non-drilled polyamide corner key for gas filling Gas plug for profile 088 Product Catalogue For Glass Processors & IG Manufacturers

Double Glazing Components / Insulated Glass Spacers Quanex TruPlas TruPlas is a rigid, glass-reinforced thermoplastic (GRP) spacer system which incorporates a proven vapour barrier with advanced acrylic which strengthens under heat. Units are manufactured using conventional methods and offer a traditional appearance with all the warm edge benefits as well as increased stability and strength. Secondary Sealant Corner Key Rigid GRP Spacer PIB Primary Seal (Polyisobutylene) Desiccant fill Usage Multi-Layer Vapour Barrier Film TruPlas is a dual-seal insulating glass spacer system that is backed with a proprietary multi-layer moisture vapour seal. The spacers can be filled with our high performance Sivlite Desiccant and are compatible with hot melt, silicone, polyurethane and polysulphide secondary sealants. The system is also available with a complete range of connecting keys for cut and key and Georgian applications. Features • Ridged surface for a more traditional appearance • Warm edge system with low thermal conductivity • Substantially reduced perimeter condensation • Excellent UV resistance and temperature performance • Structurally designed for increased stability and strength • 8x more perforations than other rigid spacers for improved airflow Colours: Black, white and light grey Email: | Web: 089