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Safety & Protection

Safety & Protection Supplies / Signage & Medical Kit SABS Approved Safety Signs SABS Approved Safety Signs are an important requirement for all businesses, especially those in the industrial and construction sectors, to promote a safe work environment and to comply with health and safety regulations. The signs make employees and customers aware of potential dangers and reinforce safety precautions and procedures. Sizes: Available in 190mm x 190mm or 290mm x 290mm. Regulation 3 Medical Kit The Regulation 3 Medical Kit is a fully-equipped First Aid Kit packed in a sturdy metal box. The First Aid Kit, stocked with various medical supplies, including gauze, bandages, disinfectant, forceps, scissors, splints and gloves, should always be kept on hand to treat injuries in case of an emergency. The kit can be used for up to 15 people and complies with government regulations. 176 Product Catalogue For Glass Processors & IG Manufacturers

Consumables Consumables FG Trading supplies a variety of solvent-based cleaners for the cleaning and degreasing of glass, windows, mirrors, tiles, ceramics, plastics, uPVC, aluminium and other metals as well as sealant mixing and dispensing equipment including mixers, hoses, application guns, tools and similar ancillary equipment. We also provide lubricant, detergent and other additives for use with our glass processing machinery and sealant pumps. Email: | Web: 177