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Glass Handling Equipment

Glass Handling Equipment / Loading & Transportation Equipment GMS GL Series The GMS GL Series are are compact and versatile glass lifters for construction sites and workshops. They are also suitable for vertical and overhead glazing when equipped with optional accessories including a hanging cradle for vertical glazing and a universal cradle for horizontal or vertical glazing. Available versions: GL550, GL700 and GL850 Features • Adjustable legs with spirit level for safe setup • Can be set up in 10 seconds by a single operator • 10” heavy duty castor wheels for easy on-site manoeuvring • Can be transported in either a vertical or horizontal position • Each unit comes standard with a 5m cable remote control • Anti-fall safety system on mast and safe lifting point indicator • Comes in either an AC version run from mains power or battery-operated DC version Specifications Basic height Lifting height (GL850) Weight (GL850) Maximum load 2150mm 8500mm 268kg 300kg 154 Product Catalogue For Glass Processors & IG Manufacturers

Glass Handling Equipment / Loading & Transportation Equipment GMS SL Series The GMS SL Series are glass carriers designed to aid a glazier in unloading, transportation and installation of large sheets of glass as well as lifting glass into place. A single operator is able to offload a glass panel of 150kg from a rack, rotate the glass to the horizontal and then lower it precisely onto a worktable. Available versions: SL1 or SL2 Features • Foldable design for easy transportation and storage • 10” solid puncture-proof wheels for travelling over rough ground on site • Able to pass through a narrow 700mm wide doorway • Patented, stylish and easy to operate even when lifting 150kg • Easy rotation through 360° • Detachable glass holder • Patented silent winch Specifications Dimensions Mast weight Base weight Holder weight Lifting height Max. load capacity 980mm x 700mm x 1660mm 19kg 19kg 23kg 1050mm 150kg Email: | Web: 155