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Sealant Pumps / Ancillary Equipment TSI Freezer Cabinet The freezer cabinet is a unit for freezing and defrosting twocomponent sealants and adhesives with complete mixing sets. The procedure hinders the polymerisation of mixed material by cooling it down and is environmentally-friendly and economical for interruptions in production. The process ensures material saving as no jetting of the mixing pipe with the A-component or cleaning it with solvents is necessary. Specifications Dimensions (l x w x h) Weight Cooling liquid quantity Freezing temperature Defrosting temperature Power supply 910mm x 500mm x 1150mm ±70kg 18l −25°C to −45°C +50°C 230V / 50Hz / 1000W TSI Purging Pump The purging pump is a compact, mobile pneumatic pump system for purging different kinds of mixers and mixing sets. The system’s installation to the material joint of the mixing and metering unit enables cleaning of the complete mixing set without dismantling and significantly increases its operating life, reducing material loss and waste costs. Specifications Dimensions (l x w x h) 350mm x 350mm x 780mm Weight without liquid ±12kg Transmission ratio 33:1 Compressed air requirement 6-8 bar, max. 100l/min. 132 Product Catalogue For Glass Processors & IG Manufacturers

Sealant Pumps / Spares & Accessories TSI Sealant Pump Spares FG Trading supplies a complete range of accessories and spares for TSI mixing and metering systems which includes piston pumps, dosing pumps, sealing guns, trumpet mixers, Z-swivel joints, dispensing guns and disposable mixers. A range of spare parts are held in stock, whilst non-stock items can usually be delivered within 10 days. Mixing Section Complete 0001-9999-0023 Trumpet Mixer PSR 15l 2ms 0001-9999-0017 Trumpet Mixer 15l 3ms 0001-9999-0013 Trumpet Mixer 16s 3ms 0001-9999-0018 Trumpet Mixer Dismantable 15l 3ms 0001-9999-0031 Trumpet Mixer Dismantable 16s 3ms 0001-9999-0021 Compactmix 13mm 2001-1015-0000 Mixing Element Stainless Steel 0001-9999-0028 Z-Swivel Joint Complete 0001-9981-0000A Email: | Web: 133