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Double Glazing

Double Glazing Components / Georgian Bars Usage Our grilles are assembled using continuous mullions which are drilled or notched at the transom position. A pin through the hole in the mullion mates with connectors hidden inside the transoms which results in a very rigid grill which doesn’t require buffers. The pre-manufactured grilles are available in a wide variety of configurations and are supplied secured to a spacer frame via staples, ready to be installed into an IG unit. Examples Of Configurations Shaped Georgian Georgian Arch Divided Margin Diamond Margin Arched Margin Curved Margin Edwardian Sash Edwardian Arch Georgian Gothic Margin Gothic 098 Product Catalogue For Glass Processors & IG Manufacturers

Double Glazing Components / Primary Sealants Polyisobutylene Tape Polyisobutylene (PIB) tape is a double-sided, butyl rubber, self-adhesive tape reinforced with cotton mesh for stability. The unique tape has been developed for rigid spacer bar application in insulated glass units and should be used in conjunction with a secondary sealant of either hot melt butyl, silicone, polyurethane or polysulphide. Features • Simple and effective application • Excellent barrier for gas loss • Certified to EN1279 Part 2 & 3 • Certified to EN1279 Part 6UV Packaging: Supplied on rolls of 0.6mm x 3mm x 30lm and boxes of 100 units Kömmerling GD115 GD115 is a solvent-free, one-component, polyisobutylene-based sealant developed for the manufacture of insulated glass units. GD115 functions as the primary seal in dual-seal units and should be used in conjunction with a secondary sealant of either polysulphide, polyurethane, hot melt butyl or silicone. GD115 is characterised by a very low moisture vapour transmission rate and good gas retention as well as good adhesion to glass and spacer bars. Features • Very good adhesion to glass, aluminium, galvanised or stainless steel • Very low water vapour and gas permeability • Good resistance to ageing Packaging: 2.2kg or 6.8kg cylindrical slug Colour: Black Email: | Web: 099