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Glass Handling Equipment

Glass Handling Equipment / Loading & Transportation Equipment GMS MSR650 The GMS MSR650 is a motorised glass lifter equipped with a telescopic arm and suction frame with six suction cups with a maximum lifting capacity of 650kg. The arm can be extended by 600mm or pivoted by 180° and the suction frame can be tilted up and down as well as manually rotated by 360°. The device is designed for the handling and transportation of glass sheets, glazed windows, skylights, unitised curtain walling and other materials. Specifications Dimensions (l x w x h) Weight Movements Max. working period Max. lifting height Max. arm extension Max. lifting capacity 2300mm x 800mm x 1430mm 900kg Manual rotation and tilting ± 30 hours 2900mm 600mm 650kg 158 Product Catalogue For Glass Processors & IG Manufacturers

Glass Handling Equipment / Powered Lifting Systems GMS GFX-G4 The GMS GFX-G4 is a single-column, pneumatic device with 4 suction cups and can lift sheets of glass with a maximum weight of 400kg. It is a multi-functional device ideally suited for manoeuvring glass on straight line edgers, horizontal CNC machines and insulating glass production lines. Specifications Column height 4800mm Cantilever to ground level 4000mm Cantilever length 6000mm No. of suction cups 4 Min. glass sheet dimensions 800mm x 700mm Max. loading capacity 400kg Pneumatic movement 90° rotation and 90° tilt Cylinder stroke Up/down stroke 1400mm Email: | Web: 159