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IG Machinery & Equipment / Sealant Application GMS PIB Tape Applicator The GMS PIB Applicator is a portable, easyto-use machine for applying polyisobutylene (PIB) tape as a primary seal in insulated glass units with rigid spacer frames. Aluminium spacer bars are simply pushed through the machine which will apply the butyl tape to both sides of the spacer. Usage The GMS PIB applicator is equipped with 2 rolls of Polyisobutylene Tape and will accept any width spacer bar which is pushed through the machine in 5 metre lengths. The spacer is then filled with desiccant and once it has been made into a frame, the tape backing paper is removed. GMS 700N The GMS 700N is a butyl extruder for the application of heated butyl sealants as a primary seal in insulated glass units. The easy-to-use extruder automatically applies a butyl coating to both sides of the spacer bar and due to its high speed and durability, is ideal for medium to large scale insulating glass production. Usage The GMS 700N accepts 7kg butyl slugs such as GD115 or JS680. The extruder has nozzles that can be adjusted between 6mm and 30mm to accommodate different widths of spacer bars and is also able to process shaped frames including curved and circular frames. 120 Product Catalogue For Glass Processors & IG Manufacturers

IG Machinery & Equipment / Sealant Application GMS HM1500 EX The HM1500 EX is a mid-range hotmelt machine for extruding hotmelt butyl sealants for application as a secondary seal in insulated glass units. The machine provides cost-effective hotmelt application, with high-quality components and a user-friendly control system. Usage The HM1500 EX can be used to extrude hotmelt sealants such as Ködimelt IG or JS334. Optionally, the machine can be supplied with a clamping table for holding the glass and spacer bar in place during application, thus eliminating the need for a primary sealant. Specifications Dimensions (h x w x d) Weight Hopper capacity Variable output Average production Power rating 1250mm x 500mm x 550mm 180kg 28kg 0-1.75kg/min. 750 units/week 10 amps/2Kw Email: | Web: 121