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Surface Protection

Surface Protection Products / Coatings & Cleaners Invisible Shield REPEL ® 263 Glass Coating Invisible Shield REPEL ® 263 is a concentrated, aqueous, glass coating technology which applies a hydrophobic coating with “value-added” cleaning benefits. REPEL ® 263 is designed to be used with automated glass washing systems and is safe for use on all glass, porcelain, ceramics, aluminium, stainless steel, stone, laminates and plastics. Low surfactant and VOC and free of harsh chemicals. Packaging: Available in 3.78l, 18.927l and 208.198l. Sani-Shield ® 3-in-1 Multi-Purpose Cleaner Sani-Shield ® is a one-step cleaner, deodoriser and protectant which cleans with the oxidising power of hydrogen peroxide and provides an invisible microbe-resistant barrier coating for hard surfaces. Sani-Shield ® prevents odour-causing bacteria, re-contamination, mould and mildew stains and shields surfaces against adhesion and buildup of inorganic soil. Packaging: Available in 960ml, 3.78l, 18.927l and 208.198l 190 Product Catalogue For Glass Processors & IG Manufacturers

Surface Protection Products / Coating Application Machines Invisible Shield® Microburst 2000 The Microburst 2000 is an advanced, automatic glass coating machine for spray application of Invisible Shield® PRO 15. The machine provides a high output, microburst application system to make it faster, more efficient and cost effective for glass manufacturers and processors to provide protected glass. It is ideal for treating exterior windows, architectural glass and facades, walls, partitions, shower glass, museum glass and any flat glass. Usage The Microburst 2000® is designed to be used with the Invisible Shield PRO 15. The combination of the PRO 15 and the Microburst 2000® represents the most advanced glass coating and protection system available. The machine is capable of treating volume glass in-line without any physical contact with the glass or roller/brush application system. This includes pre or post-cleaning of the glass and the application requires no long curing times. Max. glass width Max. glass length Min. glass length Max. glass weight Power Compressed air input Average air flow Weight 1730mm 2100mm (without rolling supports) 800mm (single panel piece) 150kg On request Min. 6 bar 430l/min. 1350kg Email: | Web: 191