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Comfortable Madness First PDF 4-13-18

“Same.” “Want to

“Same.” “Want to go to your room?” she asked. Walking to my room, it felt like everyone stared at us. They were crafty though. Whenever I spun around, trying to catch someone staring, no one paid us any attention. Tayla eyeballed me. She didn’t want to say anything. She wanted to act like everything was normal, but nothing was normal. “You okay?” Tayla asked. I shrugged and looked into the corner, waiting for Gid to come make this visit miserable. He didn’t though. “I’m feeling better,” I said. “I brought your homework,” Tayla said. “I gave it to the nurse.” “Okay.” “Are you sleeping?” “Off and on,” I said. Tayla put her arm around me. She looked around the room, picking her words as if they were precious. She was working up to something. “Is he here?” she asked. “Gid?” “Gid.” “Not right now,” I said. “He comes and goes.” “You know he’s not real, right?” “He’s real enough. Just because you can’t see him doesn’t mean he’s not real.” “That’s exactly what it means,” Tayla said. I swallowed and looked away. She took my face in her hands and stared into my eyes. It was all very intense. “What’s he look like?” Tayla asked\. “He’s tall, broad-shouldered.” “What color are his eyes?”

I stared at the trees on the other side of the window. “He’s very handsome,” I said. “I’m sure.” “Violet,” I said. “His eyes are violet. Like Liz Taylor.” It was a guess. His voice told me his face was square, clean shaven, strong. His hands told me his eyes were violet. “Maybe you’ll meet him,” I said. “This is weird,” Tayla said. “I’ll introduce you.” “Maybe if you knew what he looked like,” she said. “Maybe then, he’d be real.” “He’s hurting you,” Tayla said. “Sometimes,” I said. “This isn’t real,” Tayla said. “Nothing’s real,” I said. “You know better than that,” Tayla said. “Maybe,” I said. “Maybe not.”