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Comfortable Madness First PDF 4-13-18

Tragic Morning Trees on

Tragic Morning Trees on the edge of town reached up and scratched the sky. The sky screamed. Rain fell like linen in the window. I walked in the cemetery on the hill. Lights from town filled the valley with thin light. I sat amongst the tombstones with the dead. I wondered about them, what they thought, what they did. I let them run their fingers along the edges of my flesh. I wondered about death. Not enough to kill myself, but enough to get close, to hear the voices, to see the faces. Sometimes, I took too many pills and floated in the room waiting for someone to come lead me away. No one ever came. I lit a cigarette and started down the hill. The asphalt road glittered in the winter night like crushed glass. A car rolled by, music echoing from the windows. I walked, and the town rose over me with its sharp edges and hard planes. Sunrise was more than two hours away. School would open, and I’d have to go back to pretending that I wasn’t the crazy, fat girl. I’d have to pretend that I was invisible while everyone stared at me. Cars filled the streets. People were going to work or coming home. Fog and mist haloed their lights. I was all wrapped up in my head. I stepped off the curb and then it happened. First, the horn hit me. Loud. Futile. Then the bumper. It felt as if the world twisted for a moment. I looked up and the sky looked back. I didn’t know what had happened. Suddenly, faces loomed over me. They looked scared. They were pale and narrow in the light from the streetlamps. “Are you okay?” people asked. “Can you move?” I tried to move, the pain blinded me. My leg throbbed, and my hands stung. Something warm ran from my nose. Darkness fluttered at the edges of everything. I tried to move again, and it

gulped down. That was it. This was the end. Maybe now, things would go my way.