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will save 8,157 MWh/year

will save 8,157 MWh/year of electricity (8 GWh/year) from the total use 27 GWh/year (2015 reference) and will reduce GHG emissions by 2.8 tCO 2eq/y. Component 5: Institutions’ capacity building is essential to prepare and oversee the implementation of hotels/resorts conversion plan to NG and SWH. Component 6: Awareness raising is vital to change the current mode of using non-clean fuel in hotels and resorts to assist in the implementation of the plan and in transforming the city to be a green city, hotels/resorts to run by natural gas not fossil fuel and heating water from solar. 4. Organization and procedures Formal approval The development of converting hotels and resorts would require the following entities for issuing permits, approvals and follow up process: - Ministry of Investment and International Cooperation (MoIIC) to coordinate loans and funding from IFIs, - Ministry of Local Development (MoLD), - MoERE–NREA for SWH installation on hotels/resorts, - Ministry of Petroleum represented by EGAS and Ganoub el-Wady and Egypt Gas Company – Luxor, - Ministry of Tourism (MoTrm) represented by the GTU, - Ministry of Environment (MoEnv) to assess and conduct the Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIAs) for the impact of converting the hotels/resorts with renewable energy such as SWH systems in accordance of the Law No. 4/1994 and its amendments, the Law on Protection of the Environment, and its executive regulations, - The EIA Department of the Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA) – MoEnv to conduct the screening of ESIAs, - Operation permit by MoPMRs and NREA for buildings installations and modification, - EGAS and EGC approvals to supply of natural gas, - City Council represented by the Governor, and Staff allocated to implement and monitor action #4 • Governorate of Luxor and City of Luxor, • City Council represented by the Governor, • MoPMRs (EGAS, Ganoub el-Wady and Egypt Gas Company), • MoERE, NREA, • MoTrm (GTU), • MoTrm, and • MoEnv (EEAA). 168

- Municipality and Governorate – Governor’s approval. C. Staff training needs Governorate (Municipality) staff related to the issue of Sustainable Energy and Green Tourism will be assigned to receive training on four subjects: • Questions related to sustainable energy including solar water heating (SWH), PV, solutions and technologies, • Strategic Management of Sustainable Energy issues, • Organisational solutions and technical questions related converting Hotels and resorts by natural gas development and integrate solar water heating in them as well as floating hotels, and • Project management. A Strategic Sustainable Energy Unit (SSEU) to be developed and established to oversee the training of staff and all concerned issue and ensure the implementation of the plan actions of SECAP. d. Role of Partners Stakeholders: - All stakeholders should be invited to specific workshop to design the strategic road map to start transferring hotels and resorts from fossil fuels mainly diesel to natural gas and Electricity to Solar thermal. This could include hotel/resorts owners and managers. - Training is also needed to transfer the message of clean and green tourism to all parties involved, - The Governorate and City of Luxor to coordinate the procedures approval with different related authorities in close contact with the Governorate such as: MoERE and NREA, EEAA, MoTrm. Also special coordination with the following entities: • MoPMRs through EGAS and Ganub el Wady via EGC to ensure constant supply of natural gas to Hotels and Resorts, • Coordination with Ministry of Transport (MoTr) River Transport Authority (RTA), • Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation (MoWRI) through the General Administration for Nile river Protection (GANRP), and • Ministry of Interior via Civil Defence Dept. (CDD), - All should be invited to specific to facilitate the action project to follow up the implementation upon funding. - The GTU of MoTrm and EGAS and Ganoub El Wady through EGC to check on the installation procedures of the connections, implementation and test the safety of converted Hotel in the Eastern part of the city to operate by natural gas, and meters installation, and monitor the operation and re-license. 5. Summary of related Awareness Raising (AR) actions for Action ≠ 4 (Green Hotels & Resorts) A communication plan needs to be developed to highlight the benefits of a new strategic and comprehensive sustainable energy (energy efficiency) plan to brand the City of Luxor as a clean and green city including the use of natural gas instead of electricity in hotels and resorts as well diesel in floating hotels for heating water. Also, an adequate awareness raising actions will be necessary to help Governorate of Luxor promote the value of Green Hotels through greening these facilities as well as the benefit hotels owners and managers of such 169

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