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Solar PV 14,250 MWh/y

Solar PV 14,250 MWh/y CO2 reduction t CO2/a - Reference Year - Target Year - Net reduction - LED programme 199 tCO 2Eq/y - AC programme 299 tCO2eq/y - SWH equipment 490 tCO2eq/y 2015 2030 998 tCO2eq/year - NOTE: Solar PV allows off setting an additional 7,800 t CO2eq/y - Percentage of net reduction on the territory - Reduction as related to BAU scenario for the public building sector (1429 tCO2eq in 2030) without considering the offsetting potential from solar PV 0,5 % 70 % 148

5. City of Hurghada – Governorate of the Red Sea Priority Action # 5 for SECAP 1. General presentation Title: GREEN RESIDENTIAL BUILDINGS PLAN # 5 Summary of the Action Current Status – Residential Buildings in the City of Hurghada In the City of Hurghada, the residential building sector is the 3 rd largest in energy consumption of 441 GWh/year representing 12% of the total energy consumed in the city (3,338 GWh Final Energy/year as of the 2015 reference). The residential building is also one of the key sectors to be addressed, as it is also third in GHG emissions of 216 kteCO2/year representing 16% of the total emissions of energy consumption (1,275 kteCO2/year). With a population of 279,684 persons, the City of Hurghada - Governorate of the Red Sea had 56,341 house units in 2015 and 60 per cent of these residential houses are connected to the natural gas grid, however; the natural gas grid is still under development and designed to reach a connection rate of 80 per cent by end of 2017. Residential buildings in the city consume a total of 257,782 MWh/year of Electricity, with a connection rate of 100%. Also, the natural gas consumption yearly in residential buildings is 80,000,000 m 3 , and 494,026 LPG cylinder/year as well as 480 litres/y of gasoline representing a total Final Energy of electric, natural gas, liquid gas (LPG) and gasoline of 257 GWh/yr, 87 GWh/yr, 6GWh/yr and 4 MWh/yr respectively. Location: City of Hurghada Governorate of the Red Sea Start date: December 2017 Project lifetime: 6 years End: December 2023 Estimated cost € 7,700 k€ for 6 years 50 k€ Awareness campaign 1,050 k€ Pilot project for 1000 housing units 6,600 k€ Expansion to 10,000 housing units The Governorate of the Red Sea, in particular the City of Hurghada has the desire to move forward to holistically solve the challenges facing the energy consumption in residential sector by promoting sustainable approach to green the residential buildings in the city through the development of comprehensive plan to reduce energy use in the residential buildings and enhance energy efficiency by promoting renewable energy and incorporate PV and SWH systems utilizing the abundant solar energy by adopting “Green Residential Plan – GRP.’’ The GRP should integrate new sustainability and green measures solutions and technologies to green the residential building sector in the City of Hurghada, including: residential houses (public and private), besides raising awareness of residents and users of the need to save energy and improve energy efficiency in their units/ buildings. The plan action ≠5 is to Green Residential Buildings GRP – City of Hurghada, Governorate of the Red Sea. 149

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