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plan. The plan aims at

plan. The plan aims at greening a two-way road of 2,420 meters long and 25 meters wide that links the south road to Hurghada airport and the main hotels and resorts. This will help absorbing part of air pollution near the city and resorts, and will increase carbon storage hence improving the GHG emission balance. On top of this, it will offer a major enhancement of quality of life in and around the City. The City Urban Green Plan (CUGP) will contribute to: • Increasing the contribution of overall Governorate strategic plan, • Maximizing utilization of domestic energy resource, • Enhancing rational and sustainable management of the city, • Reducing the intensity of energy consumption, • Ensuring a better urban setting, • Reduce GHG emissions, • Limit the environmental impact of the sectors emissions, and • Improve the quality of life and the urban environment. National Strategy, Policies, Laws, Plans and Programmes General: Vision and Strategy - Egypt’s Vision 2030, - Egypt’s Sustainable Development Strategy – SDS 2030, and - Egypt’s Green Economy Strategy – GES 2030. Specific Strategy and Policy Strategy: - National Tourism Strategy 2020 (2013), - Sustainability - Tourism, Energy Use and Conservation (2014), - Tourism, Energy Use and Conservation – TEUC (2014), and - National Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction – NSACCDRR (2011). Policies: - National Air Quality Policy – NAQP, UNEP (2015) Climate Change Policies: - Environmental Air Quality Policy – UNDP (2015), - Third National Communication on Climate Change – EEAA and UNDP (2014), - Second National Communication on Climate Change – EEAA and UNDP (2010), and - Initial National Communication on Climate Change – MoEnv and EEAA (1999). Legislations, Laws and Codes Laws and Regulations: - National Environmental Action Plan (NEAP), - New Investment Laws (2017), - Climate Change Legislations (2015), - Environmental Protection (1994, 2015), and - Public Partnership with Private sectors – PPP (2010). Laws - Energy Efficient Building Guideline – EEBG (2013) - Energy Efficient Building Codes – EEBC (2013) - Energy Efficiency Guide – EEG for Egyptian Enterprises (2010) - National Energy Efficiency Strategy NEES (2000) National Codes: - Code for Energy Efficient Buildings (2009), and 180

- Code for Improving Energy Consumption in Commercial Buildings (2009). Plans and Programmes - National Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Portfolio (2009), - National Low Carbon Economy Plan – NLCEP, - Protection of Natural Environmental Resources and Nature Conservation – PNERNC, EEAA, - Environmental Awareness – Training and Capacity Building, - Clean Production Mechanism CPM (2010), and - Egyptian Pollution Abatement Programme – EPAP, EEAA (2007– 2012). Plan and programmes - Climate Change - Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Plan – UNDP and MoEnv (2015), - Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Measures – CCAMM, - Climate Change Action Plan – CCAP, - National Action Plan for Adaptation – NAPA, and - Climate Change Risk Management Programme – CCRMP, MoEnv (2013). Initiatives - Low Emission Capacity Building – UNDP, MoEnv and EEAA (2013 – 2016), - Green Tourism Unit – GTU (2014), - Red Sea Sustainable Tourism Initiative – RESTI, Institutions and rating systems - Central Unit for Sustainable Cities and Renewable Energy – CUSCRE (2014) Governorate and Municipal vision and strategy The Governorate of Red Sea has developed a strategy to make the City of Hurghada a Green city. The strategy set the objective for the city to be a sustainable city. This would be through a clean and green tourism activities based on clean energy production and green system in the tourism sector. The Governorate is also intending to support the plan to increase the landscape and green areas in main roads and upgrade the current southern road to Hurghada international airport in order to improve the urban condition using trees and plantation seedlings in the City of Hurghada in particular and Governorate in general. In addition, the Governorate is planning to the improve the urban spaces within the City of Hurghada and raise awareness of all stakeholders on the impact of climate change risks and adaptation actions and how the CUGP could assist as well as to support the city transitioning towards a world-class sustainable touristic destination. A vulnerability analysis of the City of Hurghada – Governorate of the Red Sea was carried out combining probability and impact (scale 1-3) of the 10 receptors, including tourists and inhabitants. The risk assessment, based on climate data available in Hurghada, indicated that tourism is ranked the second highest risk (level 2) in terms of probability and impact. Hence improving the landscaping would support this receptor. Therefore, this planned action #8 - City Urban Green Plan (CUGP) for increasing the City’s Urban Green Coverage is in line with the vision and strategy of the Governorate of Red Sea and support its’ implementation. Principal partners and stakeholders • Governorate of Red Sea – City of Hurghada (Municipality) • City Council represented by the Governor of Red Sea City of Hurghada (Beatification and Landscape) Contact person in the local authority Mr. Ayman Sultan, Planning Department, Governorate of Red Sea 2. Process Technical Process Increasing the plantation and Urban Green Coverage (UGC) is an interesting option for reducing Urban Heat Islands Effect (UHIE) and air pollution. It also might have a very marginal effect on cooling loads in buildings that are very close to the green areas. The Orthophotos flyover will help assessing hot spots of UHIE, particularly in the city centre, hence allowing the 181

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