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020318_Hurghada SECAP_FINAL

1. The cost of greening

1. The cost of greening the shoulders of the south main road - Section A: - It has 4 areas each is 36 Square meters, - Each shoulder has 5 palm trees, - Cost of a palm tree average from EGP1000-1500 (€60-65*) - Cost of green area per square meter is EGP150-200 (€7-9) - Sub-total cost of each shoulder including 5 palm trees and plantation is = 5 x EGP1250 (€63) + 36 x EGP175 (€8) = EGP6250 (€287) + EGP6300 (€289) = EGP12550 (€ 576), - The sub-cost of the 4 shoulders is = 4 shoulders x EGP 12550 (€576) = EGP 50,200 (€2,303). Having the length of the road of 2,420 meters, thus, the cost for the 4 sections A is = EGP 10,123,667 (€464,282). 2. The cost of plantation of the mid area of the South main road (B): The area is 13m x 12m = 156 m 2 . - The green area for each square meters is EGP200 (€9), and - Sub total cost is = 156 x EGP200 (€9) = EGP 31,200 (€1,431). Having the length of the road of 2,420m, then the total cost is = EGP 6,292,000 (€ 288,558). So, the total cost = A + B = EGP10, 123,667 (€464,282) + EGP6,292,000 (€288,558) = EGP16,415,667 (€752,840). The cost of plantation of the whole south main road is estimated at EGP 16.5 million (€753,000). *NBE exchange rate of 1 EUR is EGP 21.805. Fig 1: Plan of the south Road to Hurghada Int’l airport This UGC in the urban spaces of the City of Hurghada will be managed by the management unit to administrate the fund (With an overall costs of 20 K€ per year). Component 4: Awareness-raising is vital to increase and encourage urban green converge in cities to assist in the implementation of the plan to transform Hurghada into a green city. 4. Organisation and procedures Formal approval The development of landscaping master plan study would require the following entities for issuing Staff allocated to prepare, implement, monitor action • City of Hurghada - Governorate of Red Sea, • City Council represented by the Governor, and 184

permits, approvals and follow up process. Since the Road and Master plan study is with the city administrative boundaries no Ministries would be involved in the approvals process except the MoIIC in case of International loans or funding: - Ministry of Investment and International Cooperation (MoIIC) to coordinate loans and funding from IFCs funds, - Landscape consultant to submit the master plan study and soft landscaping of the South Road to City Hurghada international airport, - City of Hurgada to assess and evaluate the master plan study and soft landscaping of the South Road, - City Council represented by the Governor to approve the master plan study and soft landscaping of the South Road - Municipality and Governorate – Governor’s approval, - City of Hurghada to call for tender, - The Contractor currently ever green to implement the project, - The city of Hurghada – Governorate of Red Sea, to monitor and approve the phases of implementation, Commissioning, final submission, and operation and maintenance plan. Staff training needs Governorate (Municipality) staff related to the issue of Urban Green Coverage (UGC) and mitigating the impact of Urban Heat Island will receive coaching and training on three subjects: • Strategic Management of UHIE and greenery and landscaping issues, • Technical questions and organisational solutions related to improving the city urban space and increase UGC as well reducing the impact of UHIE, • Project management. Training is also needed to convey the message of the benefit of green urban spaces and green city to all publics. A Climate Action and UHIE Sub-Unit shall be installed within the Strategic Sustainable Energy Unit (SSEU) to handle climate action and UHIE to be developed and established to oversee the training of staff and all concerned issue and ensure the implementation of the plan actions of SECAP. • Ever Green Company (Field Manager). Role of Partners Stakeholders: All stakeholders should be invited to specific workshop to design the Master plan and Soft landscaping of the South Road – City of Hurghada to improve air quality and quality of life. This could include staff from the City and representatives of Ever-Green Company. 185

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