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vero uk training material - VCAM TECH Co., Ltd

vero uk training material - VCAM TECH Co., Ltd

VISI Mould - Slide

VISI Mould - Slide Assembly Creation Insert the correct parameters for the Angle Pin suitable for our requirements. Configure the parameters to match those shown below: - Slot Cavity The slot cavity is a pocket that can be configured when the angle pin is long enough to pass through the slide and needs relief in the core plate. Components removed for illustration purposes. Make sure Core is the selected layer. Choose a 12mm diameter pin. Select an 100mm pin length. The incline angle of the Pin is 8 degrees. We require a minimum stroke of 1.4mm for the core pin to retract from the part. By typing in a minimum stroke the system calculates the achievable stroke based on the pin dimensions and angle. Vcamtech Co., Ltd 12

VISI Mould - Slide Assembly Creation Exercise – Create the same Slide Assembly in the other side of the mould tool. Following the previous example, now make an identical slide in the pocket on the opposite side of the tool. Here is what you should expect with both Slide Assemblies in position. This completes the section on Inserting Standard Elements into the Mould Assembly. In the next stages we will add some cooling channels to the Fixed Half of the tool. To make this process easier and more realistic we will open a more complete version of the Mould Tool that we have already worked on. This tool is almost identical to the one you have produced so far but contains slightly more standard elements. Vcamtech Co., Ltd 13

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