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vero uk training material - VCAM TECH Co., Ltd

vero uk training material - VCAM TECH Co., Ltd

Window > View > Set

Window > View > Set Drawing Filters VISI Modelling – Core Modification To make the model selection easier we can use the layers to only show the ‘revision component’ layer. It is possible to switch on/off multiple layers using the Windows standard CTRL and SHIFT key selection. Analysis > Analyse Face colour This option will analyse a model and automatically detect all face colours present on the model. Using the interface available, it is then possible to assign any face colour to any layer. Select the solid to analyse – Select the revision solid Select this model The following dialogue box will be displayed ‘Double click’ the yellow core layer name and the following dialogue box will appear : Make the ‘component revision’ layer the active layer Create new layer Vcamtech Co., Ltd 5

Select the Create a new layer icon and create a new layer called ‘modified surfaces’ Select the new layer in the dialogue box and select OK De-select the tick for the pink surfaces. This will prevent this set of surfaces from being extracted. We are only interested in the yellow modified surfaces. Window > View > Set Drawing Filters Select this layer Destination layer VISI Modelling – Core Modification Selecting OK will now create a new set of yellow surfaces on the ‘modified surfaces’ layer. With the modified surfaces extracted we can now use the layers to show only the ‘modified surfaces’ and also the ‘core’ layer. Part modification Vcamtech Co., Ltd 6

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