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vero uk training material - VCAM TECH Co., Ltd

vero uk training material - VCAM TECH Co., Ltd

VISI Mould - Tool Build

VISI Mould - Tool Build Tutorial Pick the Start Plate and End plate for the Ejector Pin and then the application point. End Plate MH-SUB1 Start Plate EJE5 Now insert the Ejector Pin parameters as shown Change the destination layer to UPP. Select an Ejector Diameter of 4mm. Ejector Pin Parameters. Make sure the Guiding Length parameter is 29. Ejector Pin Shown in Position Use the application coordinate shown above Vcamtech Co., Ltd 16

VISI Mould - Tool Build Tutorial Now make 3 extra copies of the Ejector Pin using a symmetrical mirror. To perform this task we can use the functionality in the ‘Edit Elements’ manager window. Select the Z41 ejector pin from the element list. Pick the Edit Elements option from the Mould drop down menu. You can now see one instance of the Z41 ejector in the lower split pane window. Click the Right Mouse Button to reveal the pop up menu. From the pop up menu choose the ‘Mirror Instances around a Point’ option. The Result. The ejector pins have been copied to the other 3 positions, around the datum. Use the Insert co-ordinates icon. The application point should be set to absolute 0,0,0. We do not need to rebuild standard elements as the start and end plate thickness will be the same for the transformed components. Vcamtech Co., Ltd 17

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