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vero uk training material - VCAM TECH Co., Ltd

VISI Mould - Creating

VISI Mould - Creating Mould Tool Documentation Configuring the parts list Now we have arranged the parts into logical families it is now time to start configuring how we want the parts list to appear, that is what fields we want displayed in the parts table. To do this, follow the next example: - Click on the Settings icon. Once you have set the field types accept the changes as shown. Click on the Parts List position tab at the top of the interface. Now from the parts list position panel uncheck the fields as shown below. Here we are basically determining which fields will be present in B.O.M table. We are now at a stage where we can begin to number the items and place them in a table. Vcamtech Co., Ltd 12

Numbering the Items using table mode VISI Mould - Creating Mould Tool Documentation Now from the main Assembly Manager toolbar switch to table mode to begin organising the B.O.M layout. You will now be presented with the table mode interface Click on the Table icon. Note the names of the column headers. Position, Quantity etc… The components are ordered in the list according to the family name and position. The example below shows the cooling family and its relationship to the table. Scroll to the bottom of the list using the scroll bar arrow button. At the bottom of the list take note of items 62 – 64. These are not required in the parts list as they represent the actual moulding and some 2D plot view information. Vcamtech Co., Ltd 13

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