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vero uk training material - VCAM TECH Co., Ltd

vero uk training material - VCAM TECH Co., Ltd

The Result VISI Mould -

The Result VISI Mould - Slide Assembly Creation The picture below shows the left and right guide rails inserted into the slide assembly. This is shown using “Transparent Shading”. Slide Rails shown in position. Transparent shading used for this display. Insert Locking Heel into slide Assembly Select the General Catalogue > Slider Core We will need to select the appropriate Slide Body again to begin the insertion process for the Locking Heel. Pick the Slide anywhere on its body. Use the scroll bar and drag to the right to locate the Locking Heel icon. Select the A_SLDLOCKHEEL1.This is a Locking Heel assembly with automatic insertion of wear plate and fixing screws. Vcamtech Co., Ltd 8

VISI Mould - Slide Assembly Creation Insert the parameters as shown below for the Locking Heel. (Note:- We will leave the Screw parameters as default but they can be accessed and modified by scrolling down on this dialogue box.) Locking Heel shown in position with transparent shading used to illustrate this. Insert the parameters for the Locking Heel as shown opposite. Make sure Core layer is the target layer. The Result The resulting Locking Heel is shown below. Vcamtech Co., Ltd 9

YT-1200 - YOUNG TECH Co., Ltd.