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vero uk training material - VCAM TECH Co., Ltd

vero uk training material - VCAM TECH Co., Ltd

Apply the Changes made.

Apply the Changes made. VISI Mould - Tool Build Tutorial We have now completed editing the plates. Before we can move on to the automatic creation of standard elements we must accept the plate configuration so that they are no longer just in preview mode but added to the CAD database. Click the Apply button to add the plate layout to the database. Automatic Configuration Of Standard Elements Now that we have defined our plate layout it is possible to insert the “Base” standard elements that belong to our bolster kit. This is done in a semi automatic fashion and will be demonstrated in this section of the tutorial. Switch to Standard Element Mode At the top of the Tool Tree interface, click the standard elements tab. The Standard Elements window will now appear as shown opposite. The next task is to configure the Standard Elements to suit our tool design. See overleaf. Vcamtech Co., Ltd 8

Location Ring VISI Mould - Tool Build Tutorial In this example we will be inserting a custom location ring and not one from the standard library. With this in mind it will be required to disable the location ring from its respective dialogue window as shown below. Please note there are 2 location rings that need to be disabled. Screws Now configure the Z31 cap head screws for the Top Clamping Plate and Riser. Guide Pillars Uncheck the “Insert Element” checkbox to ensure that the location ring will not be included in the tool assembly. For this tool we will be using a Hasco standard shouldered pillar Z00, configured as shown below. Set your tool parameters to match. Vcamtech Co., Ltd 9

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