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110 Emera continues,

110 Emera continues, "Tȟakóža. Where are you going?" "I'm taking Anza to the Forest." "You can go later. Your mother has supper ready." "What about Anza?" "He will eat with us." "What about Huku and Ate?" "They know you have a friend staying over." Anza joins Xandr and his family for a traditional Lakota supper. The country kitchen is similar to Anza's Earthly home, but with antique looking furniture. "I didn't know we had any Chinese families in these parts," says Xandr's mother, Moonshadow. Emera jumps in, "He's new to the area." "Any friend of our son is welcome. I understand you will be staying the night. Do your parents know you are here?" "Yes ma'am." "I will fix a cot in ---" "He can stay in my room with me." After supper, the boys go for a walk on the road to the Forest of Understanding when they hear a voice from behind. "Wait up," shouts Yellow Flower. They turn to see Little Bear, Payta and Yellow Flower running after them. "Oh, oh," Xandr looks concerned. "Oh, oh what? Aren't they your cousins?" "They can't go into the Forest with us." "How come?"

111 "We have stuff to do, and they don't know about ---" "Too late." The cousins catch up, and Payta asks, "Where are you going?" "Hi. Remember me?" Anza asks. Little Bear jumps forward, "We saw you in Xandr's picture thing-a-ma-bob. You're from the other world. How'd you get here?" "It's along story." "We've got time." "We have to go into the Forest." "What forest? There's no forest around here." Xandr points, "There. See there; that is the Forrest of Understanding. Come on Anza," he points at the others. "You gotta stay out here." Yellow flower looks in amazement at the trees that seemed to appear out of nowhere, "Where'd they come from?" Xandr looks at Anza. "Let's go." They run toward the forest edge with the cousins close behind. They come to a screeching halt at the entrance to the Forest of Understanding as two squirrels jump out from behind a tree. Xandr looks down at them, "What do you guys want?" Negi the evil squirrel looks up, "We're here to help." "Which one are you?" The other squirrel, Posi, speaks, "He's Negi." "You're trouble, come on Anza."

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