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26 see where the music

26 see where the music is coming from. Frightened, they dart forward and come across the Path of Knowledge. The Raven having morphed into an Owl is flying high above and watching. Qingling stops with a swinging motion as Anza jumps aside. Qingling shouts out, "Whoa," looking down at the path changing to a green carpet, she spins around, "what's this place?" she looks at her cousin in disbelief, "where'd it ---?" Surprised, Anza responds, "You can see it?" "Yeahhhh," she stretches the word out, "where are we? Where did this path come from? It's never been here before." "It's called the Path of Knowledge." A voice coming from the Path interrupts Anza. "I am here to help you understand." "Who said that?" Qingling says meekly. "Here, look down," responds the Path. A gentle smiling three-dimensional face rises from out of the Path, but is interrupted by two raccoons. Two raccoons appear out of nowhere. The white one has a small sweet smile, while the black one looks a little sinister. The black raccoon speaks, "Hi, kids. I'm Notso." Anza looks at Qingling. "Did that raccoon just ---?" Qingling interrupts with, "I must be crazy; the ground talks, and that ... that raccoon ... naah." The white raccoon does a little dance and says, "Hi, I'm Metoo." "This is too much," says Qingling, "let's get outta here."

27 Qingling grabs Anza's hand as the kids turn and run away down the path toward Anza's house. They stop to catch their breath, and look around to see both raccoons right there beside them. "Go to the old barn," Notso commands quietly. The raccoons dematerialize, as the kids stand awestruck for a moment, and then continue running. The kids stop as they get to the house. Anza grabs Qingling's hand leading her inside. They go directly to Anza's room. Anza takes his Magical Transfer Ring out of its hiding place in the closet, and puts it on his finger. Qingling watches, "Where'd you get that ---?" Anza interrupts, "It's magical, come on," grabbing Qingling's hand. They walk quickly to the Grand Room. Qingling looks around, "I thought we were going to the old barn." "Later, you gotta see this first." Anza stops by the wall to the Chamber Obscura and starts waving his arms. He waits for the wall to open, but it does not. Qingling looks bewildered, "What are ya doing?" "It worked for Yeye. Open ... oh-h-h." "What worked?" "The Chamber Obscura; it's right here." "Chamber what?" "Quiet. Let me think." Anza waves his arms again, stopping to point his Magical Transfer Ring, then waves more.

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