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64 and the Bad Guys. The

64 and the Bad Guys. The twister increases in speed with a deafening sound like a train was coming into the cabin. The Way Station door blows off its hinges as a sonic boom shatters the room. Gray Wolf and the bad guys are caught up in the twister and swept out the open doorway and into outer space. * * * * * * * Solo instructs, "Secure yourselves." The duplicate of our Starcruiser materializes and we, as our replicated forms, hop aboard and sit in readiness. "We will depart for our return to Earth." Solo looks at Duo and utters a quiet command, "Transfer into RSR mode. Secure passengers." XR engages as Duo commands with authority, “Data 32784,” and his Universal Portal Prompter materializes. His fingers fly across the futuristic keypad, and he sounds out, "data RSR777," as we slowly dematerialize along with our Starcruiser. Duo strikes the remaining icon on the Portal Prompter, "Fold synchronistic trans-conversion." We find ourselves, and our Starcruiser instantly materializing on Planet Earth as our original selves. XR disengages and we instinctively stand up as our Starcruiser dematerializes. There is a thunderous sound as Gray Wolf and the bad guys materialize a short distance from the Qi farmhouse with amazement. "What the ...?" hollers the small bad guy. Gray Wolf speaks with authority, "We have arrived at the other world. Let's look around."

65 "What er we looking fer?" asks the small bad guy. "I saw the stable boy change the stallion into a bronze statue ... the magical crest should be with the saddle." "The stable," he exclaims as he points, "over there ... that's where the horse should be." "That's too obvious. Let's look there in the old barn." * * * * * * * Nigel Churchill and his farm hands are riding from the corral to their normal gathering place at the foot of the hills when they witness the arrival of Gray Wolf and his band of outlaw Indians. Anza, Qingling, Arthur, and Longwei are on the Path of Knowledge when the transference thunderbolt strikes and the ground shakes indicating the arrival of the others from Planet Theia. The sky grows dim for a moment and the wind stops. The trees are still and the birds stop singing. All is quiet and peaceful. The kids hear the sound and feel the shock wave. Longwei looks at the others, "That sounds like trouble." Anza puts his finger to his lips, "Shh ... listen." "I don't hear anything," whispers Qingling. "That's the problem. It's happening again." Longwei asks, "What's happening?" "Another," Qingling questions, "something from the other Planet?" It's Arthur's turn, "Or maybe someone." "We gotta find Yeye," shouts the apprehensive Anza. * * * * * * *

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