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96 Chapter Nine The

96 Chapter Nine The Portal of Ojas Solo and Duo work their magic to join our original and duplicate Spacecrafts as one ship for a new and amazing fight to the outskirts of the Residence of the Most High. We realize we have come together with our duplicates as we stop at the Portal of Ojas. Phir and Anza ... Xandr and Emera arriving at exactly the same time from different directions approach the Portal of Ojas; a brilliant lavender shimmering circular object with a soft inviting white light in the center. Their fluid forms revert to human shapes. A voice; heard as the Stellar Bubble Craft appears between them. Nous speaks, "You have arrived at the Portal of Ojas, the gateway to the Residence of the Most High; the fluid of life that connects the mind to the body and consciousness. Follow me." The Stellar Bubble Craft moves slowly as the Synchro Gateway appears and expands just enough for it to clear the Portal closing behind as it passes. Phir and Emera raise their Bow and Cane at the same time while the boys enjoy this exciting new adventure. The Synchro Gateway appears again, expanding just enough and gently lifting the boys and their grandfathers inside the Ethereal Cortex. They continue their trans-dimensional journey through vibrations, angelic music and ever-changing rainbows to

97 the massive entrance of the Residence of the Most High where they stop and wait. Magnetically drawn into a cavalcade with the Stellar Bubble Craft; our Starcruiser slows down hovering somewhere and everywhere at the same moment at the inner edge of the Portal of Ojas with front row seats to an extraordinary happening. We stop abruptly as an invisible force just inside the Portal restricts our flight. We cannot enter into the Ethereal Cortex, but are able to see and hear the happenings by way of our Stellar Monitor. One of us asks, "Why don't we go further?" "You are not allowed," responds a gentle voice from within. "But we were there before." "That was a digital illusion of a reality to demonstrate the existence of the Ultimate Unknown; a contrivance to assist your decision to RSR. Only invited guests may pass beyond this point of the Portal of Ojas. You may observe in your Stellar Monitor." The Immortal Unknown stands with his back to us watching the Cosmos Comprehender. Two Translucent Grey Forms stand at his left. The image on the massive Comprehender screen zooms in on Anza, Phir, Xandr and Emera as they fly through the Portal of Ojas. There is an instantaneous, but momentary zoom-in image of our Starcruiser snapping back to an image of the Stellar Bubble Craft that becomes center screen. A soft but authoritarian voice comes from all directions at once, "Prepare for our guests." The Grey Forms turn and sail upright a little above the non-existent floor to the massive pair of crystal doors. Anon waves His hand and the wall opens with a deep sigh

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