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16 Phir is quick to

16 Phir is quick to command his grandson as Anza and Qingling start to run out, “Sūnzi! He raises his voice a little, "I want you to stay.” The kids hug, and Qingling runs out, mounts her horse and rides away. Phir sits staring down at the table as Anza quietly washes the dishes setting them aside to dry; knowing not to ask any questions. He hangs his towel and looks at his grandfather with curious eyes. Phir looks at Anza and whispers, “Come with me, It's time. First, go and get the silver box from my room. It's in the top drawer on the right.” Anza runs off, and returns with the silver box. Phir takes his arm, and leads him to the Grand Room filled with ancient Chinese treasures. They stop facing a paneled wall. Phir waves his hands and arms as he incants 'open portal' in Chinese, “Dakai ménhu,” the wall becomes transparent and a room appears behind the wall. Phir takes Anza's hand, “Come Sūnzi.” Anza is squeamish and frightfully resists as Phir leads him through the wall into the obscured room. "What is this place?" "It is the Chamber Obscura, a very secret place." * * * * * * * The Raven peers through a window on the far side of the Grand Room as Anza and Phir disappear into the Chamber Obscura. There is a large white leather-bound book resting on an elegant antique crystal glass podium in the center of the room. The walls are covered with ancient Chinese scrolls, paintings of mystical spiritual-like beings and maps of solar

17 systems. The floor looks like water, and the ceiling seems to be a million miles away with stars everywhere. A slight gesture from Phir and an ancient oval Yin Yang incense burner sitting on a tall slender table fires up and emits a misty blend of lavender and sage aroma adding a cleansing serenity to the room. Anza looks around, breathes-in the incense aroma and focuses on the book, “The Tome of Legends?” Phir Qi nods with a small smile, “Take the ring from the box, and put it on the first finger of your right hand with the diamond towards your finger tip." The nervous Anza takes the ring and places it on the first finger of his left hand, "What do I do now?" Phir looks softly at his grandson, knowing the burden he must pass on to him, “The ring must be on the right hand, then point to the Tome of Legends,” he emphasizes, "things will happen that you will not understand. You must trust me, and do as I ask.” Anza takes the Magical Transfer Ring, which has an oval faceted Tanzanite stone surrounded by ancient writings and a small diamond, puts it on the first finger of his right hand and points at the Tome of Legends. The diamond sparkles sending a Purple colored laser-like beam to the white book. The beam emits ethereally harmonious sounds as if the angels were performing a symphony. The Tome begins to glow as the pages start turning. Anza quickly pulls his hand back in fear. The pages stop turning. He looks up at Phir. “Don't be afraid Sūnzi. Point!” “But, what?”

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