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178 The cloud changes to

178 The cloud changes to green, then blue, then lavender and speeds away vanishing into the northern sky. Little Bear shouts in astonishment, "Thunder Beings, I've heard of them, but never ... wow!" "Everyone get ready, here we go." Anza calls out in Chinese, 'raise us high ... transport with my thoughts', "Tígao women gao ... Jiaotong yu ow de xiangfa." Anza, Xandr, their cousins and Katipo transform into semi-fluid forms encased in a cloud-like substance and rise slowly, increasing their speed faster and faster until they zoom off into the sky toward the North Forty. The kids and Katipo slow down landing softly behind a rock outcropping as the cloud dissipates and they return too their normal forms. The corral is just a few yards away. Qingling points, "There, look ... there's the horse." 'Runs like the Wind' is standing by a small tack shed. There are hoof beats in the distance with dust rising on the dirt road as Gray Wolf and his gang race toward the corral. Xandr shouts to the others in a voice just above a whisper. "Duck down!" Anza looks for the Thunder Beings, but does not see them. "Nous ... Nous." Nous appears in an instant and hovers a short distance behind the rocks in the Stellar Bubble Craft. "Anza. Your plan to have everyone run toward the corral, making noise and create a diversion is good. Remember to open the gate and have everyone go inside the corral. Tell Xandr to mount his horse, and ride it around inside the corral so Gray Wolf and the bad guys will try to capture the horse.

179 Close the gate when everyone is inside the corral. Summon the Thunder Beings. I will see you later." "Where are you going?" "I have some unfinished business." The Stellar Bubble Craft speeds away. Anza waves at the kids, "Follow me ... make a lot of noise," turning to Xandr, "get your horse and trot him around inside the corral." The kids run and holler. Anza opens the gate with a come-on gesture for the kids to run inside the corral. Xandr motions and the horse bows down on one knee as he steps on a horizontal fence rail and swings on the bareback steed. Grabbing the mane, he shouts, "Come on, hiyah, hiyah." 'Runs like the Wind' responds with an instant gait like a thoroughbred manège. Gray Wolf and his gang ride into the corral thinking they have the upper hand. Suddenly, Gray Wolf becomes suspicious of the surroundings. He dismounts and grabs a handful of dirt throwing it in the air. He looks to the ground and shouts, "Iwakta ye Howiwacipi." Dirt colored ghostly forms rise from the ground flying in an erratic manner in and out and through the unsuspecting kids. The Ghost Dancers start growling and gnashing at everything in sight, and immediately, they target Anza's Sacred Oglala Bow and Xandr's Waluta Cane. Anza directs his Magical Transfer Ring laser at them creating a temporary distraction. Gray Wolf redirects the Ghost Dancers to concentrate their attack on Xandr and his horse. They surround them gnashing with the vigor of a frightening enemy. 'Runs like the Wind' rears with his forelegs fighting off the aggressors as Xandr struggles to stay aboard.

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