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126 A blue laser-like

126 A blue laser-like light shines making the podium vibrate as Anza points his ring finger at the podium, "shìfàng de yuzhòu zhi yan jiangzhang." The Cosmic Eye Medallion, a concave variegated blue translucent enneagon crystal with an eye in the middle appears and slowly sails out of the podium into Anza's hand. He instinctively sets his thumb in an indentation at the bottom. The Eye of the Medallion glows brighter and brighter until a laser-type blue light snaps out projecting a holographic image of Gray Wolf holding the Crest. Anza is calm. "Wow!" shouts Xandr. Gray Wolf looks up. "That's Gray Wolf. D'you think maybe he heard me?" "Maybe. Let's check it out." Xandr whispers, "So-o-o what if he can?" Anza shrugs his shoulders and looks back at the hologram calling out in a lowered, rough sounding voice, "I want my Crest!" Gray Wolf, in the hologram, looks bewildered, "Who said that?" Anza and Xandr snicker as thirteen-year-old boys do. "You must return the Crest or face the consequences," Anza commands in his animated voice. Gray Wolf, in the hologram, looks around. The image shimmers with static. "Where are you? Show yourself, or I'll ---" "You'll do nothing. Put the Crest down and leave."

127 Anza tightens his thumb on the Medallion. There is a sharp cracking sound in the hologram. Gray Wolf looks around and cowers. "How'd you do that?" Xandr whispers. "Don't know. I didn't do anything special, just wished it and the Medallion ... I dunno ... so-o-o maybe it ---" Xandr, still looking at the hologram, shouts, "Look out ... the raven." Gray Wolf ducks as the Raven files into the hologram and swoops down, snatches the Crest from his hand, squawks, and flies away. Anza tightens his thumb on the Medallion. There is a loud cracking sound and the hologram sputters and fades away. Xandr is confused, "What happened?" "I don't have a clue." Anza points his ring finger at the Tome of Legends. The pages glow as the Tome questions, "How can I help you?" "The Crest was stolen again. How do I find it?" "Do you wish to speak with the Chronicle of Unchangeable Changes?" * * * * * * * Airborne Katipo spots the Raven taking the Crest from Gray Wolf. She takes chase and rapidly catches up with the unsuspecting Bird. She clicks her bracelets together causing an energy field to broadcast radiant circles, which engulfs the Raven. Overpowered he struggles, but cannot maintain flight and falls. Katipo lands and catches the stunned Raven removing the Crest from its talons and puts the bird on the ground, "Now that I have the Crest. I rule!"

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