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150 Another bad guy

150 Another bad guy grabs Anza and drags him into the cave. He struggles and resists with Shaolin Kungfu moves, but the bad guy is too big and smacks him hard. Anza falls to the ground and crawls away into the darkness of the cave opening. "Tie the horse to that tree." "What about the other kid?" "Leave her." * * * * * * * We return our sights to the Stellar Monitor and the Residence of the Most High where Anon is watching the Cosmos Comprehender in dismay with two Grey Forms standing at his left side. With a sigh and a sad voice, he utters a solemn command. "Summon Nous." * * * * * * * Duo prompts the Stellar Monitor back to Earth as Thunder races down the road toward the Qi Farm coming to a stop near the old barn. A farmhand lassoes him and leads the unwilling horse toward the corral. Phir is looking out the kitchen window at the riderless horse with a worried look as he talks on his mobile phone. He walks out of the house and motions for the farmhand to stop as he inspects the horse. Intuitively he knows the horse is the counterpart to 'Runs like the Wind'. "I'll call you back," he tells the mobile phone. Phir is concerned about Anza, and runs into the old barn. The Owl atop the house eave has been watching Thunder's arrival, morphs into the Raven, flies in after Phir and perches up in the rafters. The Black Raccoon is watching the activity from behind a hay bale. Phir looks around and sees Carl Drinkwater.

151 "Good morning Carl." "Good morning sir." "Have you seen my grandson?" "No sir." "The horse, where's the statue? "Don't know. Didn't even notice it was missing. Who do you suppose it might of ---?" "Bring my car around ... no ... the pick-up, and my rifle and a box of ammo. Be sure it's loaded." "Yes sir." Carl leaves the barn while Phir stays to inspect. He sees the raven and raccoon, but doesn't acknowledge their presence. He hears a rustling in one of the stalls, and notices the semi invisible nature of the straw in the floor. He knows Katipo is hiding under her cloak and leaves with satisfaction. Carl brings the pick-up around, "Your rifle's loaded; the extra shells are on the seat." "Call me when you see my grandson." "Yes sir." Katipo awakens to the ruckus and realizes the Crest is gone from under her Cloak. The Black Raccoon sneaks out and jumps into the back of the pick-up unnoticed while the Raven flies out to track the pick-up. Katipo disappears under the cover of her cloak. Phir drives his pick-up on the dirt road. He stops and pulls off the road. The Black Raccoon jumps out of the truck bed. The Raven flies to a tree branch for a good viewing spot, morphing once again into an Owl. Phir gets out of truck with binoculars in hand; he scans the terrain

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