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182 "More evil since

182 "More evil since being banned from the Fourth Dimension does not make you powerful. Your evil and power are not in balance." Nous continues and positions for the impending battle. Suddenly, Nous' childlike voice changes to a strong authoritarian declaration with a roar, "I AM THE BALANCE." Daiyu whirls around into an offensive position. The two are motionless ... waiting ... waiting. The Black Jade spreads his wings and lunges forward with uncanny speed. He throws several lightning bolts. Nous skillfully blocks the bolts with his laser beams. Motionless again, they wait. The Black Jade extends his enormous wings again and readies for the kill. Daiyu and Nous engage in their mighty battle. A time without beginning or end continues. Daiyu flies over Nous shooting lightning bolts. Nous dodges, launching a counter attack of laser beams while maneuvering the Craft. Numerous laser volleys weaken Daiyu's attack. Finally, aware of his opponent's condition, Nous disengages the stealth protector and rises out of the Stellar Bubble Craft to meet his opponent head on with determined eyes fixed. Nous blasts lasers from both hands at a distance that is only a breath away. Daiyu responds with a weakened volley of lightning bolts that Nous easily diverts. Once again, Nous blasts with both hands, but this time with maximum strength lasers that rock the very depths of Daiyu as he plunges uncontrollably, twisting and turning in an endless pandemonium. A final barrage from Nous sends Daiyu into space in a shower of brilliant light that turns dark red. Daiyu vanishes into the pits of a red light that becomes a globe bouncing around in the depths of outer space.

183 Chapter Twenty-four Balance Solo is studying the Stellar Monitor, looks up at Duo and says, "It's time to return to Planet Earth for the transition." Without any further instructions, Duo points to a diagram on the monitor touching a multitude of icons and we rocket to Earth. Everyone inside the Thunder Beings' energy circle lands in the corral near the old barn on the Qi Farm as directed by Anza. Katipo jumps away stretching her arms out clicking her bracelets together creating a new energy field, which broadcasts radiant circles. The radiant circles hover above everyone, imprisoning them as she lowers her arms. "Hey! Remember us?" Cries Xandr. Katipo smiles a new kind of smile, almost as a mother has for her children. "You must remain for the trip, but the other children will stay here" She turns to the Earth based children and points her ring. One-by-one Katipo raises Anza, Qingling, Arthur and Longwei up-and-out of the radiant circles and down to safety next to the corral. "I gotta learn how to do that," shouts Anza. The Raven flies over and perches atop the corral fence. Katipo motions, "Come Dimitri, bring the saddle and you will receive your reward." The Raven morphs into a stronger Owl and flies into the old barn returning with the saddle in its talons.

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