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32 to quickly kiss his

32 to quickly kiss his mom and dad on their cheeks and slide onto his chair. "No kiss for Yeye?" his dad asks. "I'm mad at him." * * * * * * * The next morning Anza decides to hook-up with cousins Arthur, Longwei and Qingling. He texts them to go to the countryside near the Path of Knowledge. "It's right here ... it's here," Anza calls out. Arthur responds as any twelve-year-old boy would, "What?" "The Path; it's here," he points down to the dirt path. Longwei, being a year older and smarter than Arthur, breaks in with, "Duh, we're here all the time. Can't you see it's right here, a dirt path?" "No, listen to me. It's THE Path. Yeye showed me." Arthur responds, "Come on let's go. He's getting all weird again." "No, wait. It's called the Path of Knowledge. Q, help me, tell them." Qingling shrugs her shoulders and looks at the others quizzically. A slight breeze comes up in concert with harp-like music streaming through the tall grass, the path transforms, and then two raccoons materialize dancing on the path. "Look at the path; it's like a carpet, and those raccoons. Where'd they come from?" Longwei shouts, "and ... they're dancing"

33 "Yup, we are dancing, 'cause we're happy to be on the Path of Knowledge," sings Metoo. "Did that raccoon just talk?" asks Arthur. Notso looks at Anza, "Magic is fun, huh?" "You're trouble. Go away we've got things to do." "I just want to help." "Q and I have things to do; we'll catch up with you guys later." Anza says to the boys. Qingling looks at Anza and quietly says, "I gotta get home, I'll see you later." * * * * * * * Duo activates a dual screen on the Stellar Portal Prompter. We see Phir and Anza in the Chamber Obscura studying at the podium while Emera and Xandr are doing the same on the Planet Theia. Phir and Emera are passing the Conscientiousness of the Ages to their grandsons in a synchronistical fashion; the Tome of Legends is on Planet Earth and the Chronicle of Unchangeable Changes is on Planet Theia. Phir speaks softly, but with determination, "This book, the Tome of Legends, belongs on the other planet that I told you about. Do you remember?" "Yes, it's called Theia and is on the other side of the Sun so we can't see it." "Yes my little Sūnzi. The people that live there, our counterparts, are like us, but they look a little different, and have a book called the Chronicle of Unchangeable Changes, which belongs here on Earth." "Why are the books in the wrong places?"

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