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86 Chapter Eight The

86 Chapter Eight The Sacred Oglala Crest Anza and Phir walk back home in silence. Anza sits nervously at the kitchen table eating his lunch as Phir places a cup of Chinese herbal tea on the table and sits next to Anza. “Drink this, Sūnzi. It will calm you for the task at hand.” Anza drinks the tea, “Yeye, you have to help me with all this Oglala and Medallion stuff.” “You must go alone.” “But ---” Phir stands, gives Anza a kiss on the forehead, steps back with a stern look and points for Anza to go. Anza goes to the Grand Room stopping at the place of the Invisible Wall. He waves his arm and incants in Chinese, “Dakai ménhù.” The wall in front of him becomes transparent, and the Chamber Obscura appears. Anza cautiously goes through the wall. The Raven is at the window watching as Anza disappears through the wall. Anza stands at the podium and points his ring finger. The Tome of Legends glows with the pages turning. He concentrates and goes into a trance as the pages stop turning and become still. Xandr’s voice comes from the Tome of Legends, “I am here Anza.”

87 “I must have the secret code of the Oglala so I can find the Sacred Crest.” Anza looks down at the Tome accidentally waving his hand, and the pages begin turning again. Xandr says, “I'll look as soon as the pages stop turning," there's a pause, "okay, they stopped; this must be it," he jumps back, "whoa, it's sending sparks to my Magical Picture Frame.” The sparking stops, "What do I do now?" "Point your ring at the Picture Frame." Xandr waves his ring finger over the Magical Picture Frame; it becomes brighter as the code projects from the Chronicle of Unchangeable Changes to the Magical Picture Frame within a three-dimensional laser beam. After a moment, the code transfer is complete. The Magical Picture Frame's glow diminishes, and the code is on its way to Earth and the Tome of Legends with a soft zap. Anza lowers his hand, picks up the Magical Oracle Frame as laser rays shoot from the Tome of Legends to the Oracle's screen. Anza sees the three-dimensional secret code on the screen as it downloads. The Cosmic Eye Medallion pulsates as it radiates in the Crystal Glass Podium. Anza points his ring and the Cosmic Eye Medallion moves out of the Podium into his hand. He moves the nine sided Medallion over the secret code and nothing happens. He transfers the Medallion to his left hand and points his Magical Transfer Ring at the Oracle Frame. The concave variegated blue-translucent-crystalenneagon has a cosmic eye symbol offset from the middle toward the top & centered on the second angle point. The eye becomes a magnifier; focusing on a three-dimensional map that has directions to where the Raven has hidden the Sacred Crest.

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