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50 within the

50 within the ever-changing rainbows that encircle us on all sides. The vibrations cease and the rainbows dissipate as we arrive at the massive entrance to the Residence of the Most High on the four-dimensional world of Anon. The Residence of the Most High is a never-ending combination of architectural styles we have seen on Earth and Theia along with styles we have never seen. The entrance has nine gigantic platinum and crystal multi-striated columns that begin as a pinpoint at an imaginary foundation widening to a mushroom-like top where they join a thousand or more feet above. Our Starcruiser hovers and slowly lowers to the level of an imaginary landing platform. XR disengages as Totfote evaporates and we instinctively stand up. Without thinking, we walk between the columns to the massive light blue diamond-like faceted wall, which seems to be alive. Suddenly the wall opens with a deep sigh as massive crystal doors swing away and we are invited in by a translucent seven-foot tall humanoid Grey Form that cautions us, by telepathic communication, to be silent as we eagerly pass through the entrance. As we move, it becomes apparent we are in a space like no other. The floor seems to be non-existent even though we are on a solid footing. The walls appear different from the outside; built of transparent crystal-like triangular stones set in a variable algorithmic string pattern that seems to be breathing in and out causing the high ceiling to raise and lower with celestial music surrounding us as we move. The music slows as we slow down and speeds up as we move faster. The ceiling changes hues as rainbow-like colors change with our every move.

51 We cover a vast distance in what seems to be a short time having a crystal-clear realization that something wonderful will soon happen; and it does. An eight-foot tall surreal translucent light-blue humanoid form materializes gazing into a see-all Cosmos Comprehender, a celestial three-dimensional screen of the galaxy. We instinctively know it is Anon, the Immortal Unknown. We quietly watch as the Comprehender displays a variety of actions including the transference of Dimitri Talbot and the Bronze Statue with shock waves radiating around Earth and Theia. A simultaneous zoom-in of Anza-Phir and Xandr-Emera becomes center screen. Two Grey Forms take their place at Anon's left side. Anon speaks in a soft and distinctively authoritarian voice, "There has not been such an imbalance in millenniums," glancing back at us without any sort of acknowledgement, He continues, "there is something in addition to the transference of the boy and statue causing this chaos." Grey Form One bows to Anon, "Great Immortal Unknown; the Sacred Oglala Crest was sent to Planet Earth with the horse." Anon motions for Grey Form One to rise up, "Does anyone on the Earth Planet beside Phir Qi know how to use the Sacred Crest?" "Phir Qi is in the process of passing his legacy on to his grandson, Anza." "Will Anza be ready?" "He will be; with the help of Phir Qi." "Anyone else qualified?"

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